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How to get a Free US number for SMS/Whatsapp Verifications

In this article, we have explained how you can get a free virtual US number for SMS and Whatsapp Verifications
US number for whatsapp verification

With the United States of America(USA) being one of the most popular and great countries in the world, many people always think if they could have something to do with the US.

And so, with this very popular app called whatsapp, we have decided to bring this article for you who does not want his or her real number to be on whatsapp, to be able to verify and bypass OTP Verification on whatsapp using this free virtual number.

Table of Contents

How to Get a Free US Virtual Phone Number

There are several ways of getting a free virtual phone number. But before that, what is a virtual phone number, what is its importance and how is it disadvantageous?

What is a Virtual Phone Number And how does it work?

A virtual phone number is a number that does not require a specific location for use and can be used anywhere. Virtual numbers can be used to make or receive calls on any phone, such as VoIP desk phones, cell phones, or smartphones.

With this, you can understand quite well that this number is very good for office owners and entrepreneurs.

They are usually called Secondary numbers at times, and it is because you can select which devices receive calls from the virtual number, and you can change them when needed.

How do Virtual phone numbers work?

Virtual phone numbers do not require a SIM card or a physical address(IP address). It uses secure internet technology to place real phone calls between people.

Instead, virtual numbers accept calls through Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Fundamentally, it’s the same proven technology used to make calls and text messages through iMessage, WhatsApp, or Google Voice.

What are the Pros and Cons of Virtual Phone Numbers?

What are the Advantage (pros) of Virtual Phone numbers?

Virtual Phone numbers have helped lot of people in very different and diverse ways. And from our definition above, there a lot of advantages and we will want to outline all the advantages of using a Virtual Phone number below.

  • Eliminate expensive add-ons and fees with local phone numbers: One will not see the need of buying any communication credit or subscription with a Virtual phone number as it is done with our Local phone numbers.
  • Calling Improvements: Calling improvements here in the location. With our local numbers, some calls outside your country could be limited. But with this virtual phone number, you will be free to answer and receive calls worldwide.
  • Multiple Device use: Our local phone numbers can be used in one and only one smartphone or mobile device. But with virtual numbers and their diversity, you can manage them all through all your devices including iOS, Android smartphone or even your PC.
  • Avoid entanglement of Work and House stuffs: Everyone owns a local phone number and local phone numbers are used very much. But with the implementation of virtual phone numbers, you could decide to use your local number only for local calls and family stuffs but use your virtual number for everything that concerns work to keep your things in order.

What are some of the disadvantages(cons) of using Virtual phone numbers?

There is the good part but also, a bad part is always there that could disturb you. Keeping in head that virtual phone numbers are very good and efficient, get the cons of using a virtual phone numbers(US Virtual phone number for free).

  • Virtual phone scams: Scammers are everywhere and most people that scam, pass through this method to be able to hide themselves. So, beware of scammers from all over.
  • Reliable Internet Connection Required: Connection needs to be very good and very performant for the number to be at its max.
  • No Client Service where one can complain of a problem with calls or with SMS.
  • No location tracking for emergency calls.
  • Some of them might sell you a fake number that won't work with Whatsapp. And so, check the platform you use first and don't go to any platform for the number.

So, we have shown you some features of a Virtual Phone number and if your are looking for one, you already know what you should be expecting(the ups and downs). But we are using this virtual number for whatsapp verifications.

And so, what is whatsapp and what are some things to know before verifying your whatsapp account with this virtual phone number.

What is Technology and what do we understand by WhatsApp technology?

Some people are masters of their whatsapp application but do not know what their whatsapp application can truly do. May be because they just use it for texting with family members and don't know some others great features and hidden features in the whatsapp app.

Nevertheless, many people use whatsapp for its diversity and its frequent updates with latest and updated things. With the use of emojis and stickers that help ease communication and one can express his or her mood using an emoji or a sticker easily.

Another advantage about WhatsApp is that it is compatible with most operating systems, such as Android and iOS. The app is now even available for PCs with its window version. You can read the article below and download the full software for PC.

Many people that do not have this feature might not understand but there are a lot of advantages of using your whatsapp application with a virtual US phone number.(How to get a free virtual US phone number)

  • Since you will be using another number, which isn’t yours, it is going to protect your number in a simple and secure way.
  • It offers you a more and safe privacy.
  • Also it enables you to have unlimited calls especially the international ones for free.
  • You have the ability to use an International Number, which can expand your reach.

Perhaps, if you are looking for a free service with a wider coverage (for international and global sector) and the ability to ‘hide’ your real number, then using the US virtual number seems to be quite advantageous and handy.

These are some of  the reasons why people are curious about how to get free US number for SMS or WhatsApp verification 2024.

Some of the features or characteristics of WhatsApp US Phone Number

  • Virtual phone numbers can be used for online verification and provide a user with some advantages. At the same time, before getting a free US virtual number for WhatsApp Verification, you may want to also check the setbacks of using a virtual phone number as well.
  • It helps you to establish a local presence: Virtual numbers allow you to assign multiple phone numbers to your business locally. If you are running your business in multiple locations in different parts of the country, a virtual number local to that region will help customers feel better about calling you.
  • Helps establish trust and cuts cost: Virtual numbers that are local to the region you are in will help cut costs when dialing long-distance calls. In the past, you would pay extra for making a long-distance call. For example: If you have dedicated customer service agents, they prefer to give out local numbers to customers making it easier for the customer to call for help.
  • Helps establish a professionalism: The last thing that any small business owner wants to do is look unprofessional. When you use your cell phone, a Gmail address, or anything that makes you look unprofessional. Virtual numbers allow any business to establish multiple phone numbers for their business for various reasons like customer service, mainline or tech support, etc..
  • Multiple phone numbers: Virtual phone systems allow you to assign more than one phone number to your IP phone at your office. This can save you a lot of money when you are in sales. Salespeople need the flexibility to work in the office and take the phone number with them on the road. Features like “find me or follow me” can allow a single user to utilize their virtual phone number when on the road.
  • Security: Might seem neglected but very important to know that with a virtual phone number, you can keep your real identity hidden thereby protecting any personal information from being leaked and used by online frauds. That is why we said above that it can be used for office work and for entrepreneurs.

Virtual US Phone Number for Verification

Here, we will be bringing to now the procedure on how you can verify for Whatsapp or to bypass OTP Verification on whatsapp:

But before we get to show you how to verify your whatsapp, you will need this US number we are talking about and so, how do we get a free US Virtual phone number?

How to get a Free US number for Verifications

We have six different methods that you can use to be able to have a free US number for whatsapp verifications and just see them as you read and go down.

To get this free number, there are applications and sites that provide these numbers for free and so, the most thing you will want to do is to;

Download the application, install it, Sign up for the app and get a free number for your whatsapp verifications.

You could check out some of our free internet articles if you may be in need of internet connection for easy manipulation of your virtual number. These applications are;

Text Plus :

Text plus is one of the most recommended apps for this process and any one who has used a number provided by text plus can testify of how good the app is. Read the steps below and have your free virtual number provided by text plus.

The first thing is to download the app. So you can download the app using the link provided below. Download it and install it.

  • Open the app and you will be required to register. You will have to provide some basic informations on your gender, name, date of birth, password, and email.
  • Then after signing up, go to the menu by taping on the menu icon on the top left part of your screen. Then you navigate for the option to get a free number using text plus.
  • Simply click on it and you will be required to provide Your country's info.
  • Then you choose US with its code number(+1). You should be able to see the new contact number.
  • Verify your WhatsApp account with the new number. Just change the old one with the new one(we will show below how to verify and or how to change your whatsapp number).

This is all for this method using text plus. It is quite easy right! And you can get your US number without any problem. But you have to know that text plus does not provide numbers only for the US.

In the select country area, you will see a lot of countries there including countries like UK, and  Canada. So you can select either a free UK virtual number, or a free Canadian virtual number.


We mentioned above how you can get a virtual number for free above using text plus. and now we will be showing you how you can own a virtual number in the US for free using 2ndLine.

2ndline same like Text plus is a very good app in getting a virtual phone number in the US and follow the steps below and have one for yourself.

  • First thing is to download the application and installing it. You can download it using the link below.

Download 2ndLine

  • After downloading the application and installing it, you then sign up and create an account for yourself. You will be required to verify with your email. But you can verify with any random email and just bypass this section and continue ahead.
  • In the app, you will be given the option to choose the area code of any country with a number. There are many of them. But feel free to choose any area code like for Canada or New York or elsewhere. Once you do it, click on ‘Continue’.
  • You will see the list of US numbers with the area code that you will be needing. Simply choose one. If you want to wait, they will be refreshed and a new (fresher) number will appear because the list is often refreshed. Click ‘Continue’ after choosing one.
  • Open your WhatsApp and enter the new number. Without forgetting it has +1 extension. Click OK.
  • WhatsApp will try to send an SMS to the number, which will be a failure. You need to choose the option ‘Call Me’.
  • On your 2ndLine app, you will get a call so you will have to keep the app open.
  • Accept the call and listen to the info of the verification code. After you must have gotten the code, enter it to your WhatsApp.

And with this, you must have gotten your new US number verified on whatsapp.

If you noticed very well, our previous two apps have the same procedures of getting the number. That is to download the app, sign up, navigate for the option get free number, and choose a number from the list with country code(+1) or any other one if you are looking to get one for another country like "+44 for the UK or +1 for Canada".

And you will also notice that they are not only having numbers for one country. That is how it is for all the apps we have below. Just follow this short procedure and get your number for free.

TalkU Free Calls +Free Texting

TalkU Free Calls +Free Texting +International Call gives Free US virtual phone number to their users. This is an ideal app that doesn't require a lot of setup to get the US phone number.

Registration in the app is simple and you just need to download the app from the link below, register a new account and get your free US virtual phone number and start placing international calls.

You can also use this US phone number to verify your social media accounts, including whatsapp and others like Facebook, Telegram and more

Download the app from below using the link provided below.

Download TalkU

Temp Number – Free Virtual Phone Numbers

Receive SMS Online for free with temporary SMS and disposable virtual phone number for USA UK Canada And More. Receive anonymous activation online for phone verification.

It is also as easy as the other apps to get a number. Sign up and create an account, and navigate and get your free virtual number online. But this app has some more countries where you can get a virtual number including countries like;

the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, Poland, France, Spain, Brazil, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Australia and many others. And so, you can get a free virtual credit card in any of these countries.

Download Temp Number

Dingtone – Unlimited Texting + Calling

Dingtone also gives you a Free Second Phone Number. Dingtone can give you a second line for calling, texting, and picture messaging in everyday situations. This number can help you for your verifications, free calls, free sms, for work, and for many other things.

Dingtone can offer you phone numbers for these countries: US, Canada, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, France, Sweden, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark and many other countries. 

CHECK ALSO; Unlock and watch DSTV premium channels for free without subscription

And so, there is also a lot of diversity in getting numbers. Make your country choice and enjoy your new number.

Download Dingtone

Telos – Second Phone Number App

Telos or Second Phone Number App is also a good-to-go-for app if you want a working free US virtual number for your WhatsApp verification.

With Telos, you can buy the virtual numbers or get them for free simply by completing tasks like performing daily check-ins, watching ads, and even installing apps. Wow! a new feature. You might see it stressful, but it is helpful and will help you use the number for as long as you renew the app.

Virtual numbers are renewed per month at 50 Telos credits and if you are serious, you can earn even 500 credits every month which is enough to keep your virtual number on and working. And that will even help you not to spend because of the tasks you are completing and earning cash.

Download Telos App

How To Use a Virtual Number for whatsapp verification

We have provided above all the methods you can use to get a free virtual phone number. And after that, you have to take your number to your whatsapp and verify for you to use your whatsapp application. 

  • And so, after downloading the whatsapp application, you will be asked to select country and put your number.
  • Since you now own a US number, you choose the US country code(+1) and put the number you where given in the above procedure.
  • You will either receive an SMS in the application, or the sms verification will fail and you will have to select 'call me' and you will receive a call from the app that provided the number.
  • Use the code they give you to verify your whatsapp.

How to Change number on whatsapp application

May be you already had a whatsapp account verified and you want to change the number and put but your new US number. So, what will you do?

  • Open your whatsapp application and go to settings from the three vertical dots in the top right corner of you whatsapp homepage.
  • Then got to account, then change number. Follow the instructions there and change your number putting the new US number you got including the country code.

Are Virtual Phone Numbers Safe to Use for Verifications?

Virtual phone numbers are convenient, safe, and inexpensive, making them a good solution to many communication problems and the perfect communication tool for businesses and individuals alike.

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If you are using the number for verifications and for work, then you are free to go on with using the free numbers.

And as we will always advice anyone, beware of scammers and online thieves and this is a good way o avoid them. Seeing! this will even make you safer because it will hide your informations from online bandits.

Conclusion on How to Have a Free Virtual US Phone Number

Need a business number? Need a new number for work? Need a different number for calling your friends? Need a fake number for privacy? In this article, we have provide six best apps where you could get a free virtual phone number.

We understand that getting one could not be easy that is why we provided a lot of apps for you to try them all until you get the good app compatible for your smartphone.

Checkout some of our most visited articles and follow us on telegram to get updated of our latest articles.

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