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How to Get Free Internet Connection Legally or Illegally

How to Get Free Internet Connection for Free Legally and Illegally on android and on iOS devices
Legal and illegal free internet

Free internet has increased in a geometrical rate on the internet and with a lot of tools created recently, free internet is nothing but history. And to get access to a free internet config file is no problem.

Free internet can be gotten both legally and illegally. Legally because there is no disturbance from your ISP with that free internet but illegally when your ISP is not in good terms with that free internet connection. That is why we have brought this article today to make this clear to you how free internet can be legal or illegal.

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How to get free internet for free legally and illegally

The first thing for you to know is that can internet connection be gotten or free legally? and how? This is very simple. Just read and continue below to know how internet can be gotten for free legally.

How to get free internet connection for free legally

Getting free internet legally is a way that many people might not know but really want to know because it is legit and without any risks. But as always, legal free internet connection is not always a long-term something. It is usually something that lasts about a day, minimum or even more but some could tend to extend up to one week or even one month.

So, below, we have some few methods we have gathered to help you know how free internet can be gotten legally in the present world and just at home in a comfort zone.

Method I: Free Internet connection provided by your ISP

What is an ISP? An ISP is a company or an organization that provides internet access to people in a country or area. An example of an ISP, we have MTN south Africa, Vivo Portugal, and many others.

And sometimes, these ISPs could provide some of their users to a free internet bundle to help attract many people to their ISP. This is what is called a business strategy that with this, they could provide you data two or three times for free for you like their ISP and continue browsing and buying internet bundles with their ISP.

It is usually very rare to receive this offer but it could be received. Also, there are other bundles that when you activate, your ISP provides a 100% bonus. That is with a bundle that provide maybe a 100mo, you have another 100mo in return and end up with 200mo.

So this is a method of getting free internet connection legally at home without any stress or disturbance. With this, we will just proceed to another method by which you can get free internet connection for free legally while at home.

Method II: Free internet WiFi connection.

The world has advanced more and its still advancing more and for someone to have access to free access to a wifi connection has become quite easier. This is especially for those that are in urban areas.

The only thing to do is to switch on your wifi connection and scan every free internet hotspots by your house or your area and connect yourself to it. This is possible with the numerous wifi connections available now and if there is none in your area, then just displace yourself and change location to check for free wifi connections.

It could be secured with a password and just asking for access could do it and you could do it in return for a favour. Nevertheless, public institutions usually have free access without any password or passcode so you could easily browse through and enjoy your free internet connection.

Method III: With EveryoneOn

EveryoneOn is a partnership platform that partners with ISPs that offer very low-cost internet offers to make life easier for both the rich or the less priviledged. This is because not everyone as the name says, has the opportunity to get access to internet bundles and so, they decided to come with this platform to partner with ISPs anywhere around the globe to ease access to the internet for many or everyone.


These are some aspects they expect from any ISP that is ready to apply with them:

  • Technology: Cable or wireless (must be 4G LTE)
  • Speeds: 10mbps down/1up
  • Data allotment: (wireless –minimum 3GB/month; throttled speeds acceptable) (wired –minimum 100GB/month; throttled speeds acceptable)
  • Data cost: $10-$20/month maximum; no overages for exceeded data
  • Equipment cost: $100 maximum; one-time fee, no monthly leasing options
  • Data analysis: ISP will report anonymized subscription data (monthly)
  • Term: Month-to-month service, no long term commitment 

You could check out their about and what they really do using the link; EveryoneOn how they work

You could also use the link below to checkout the offers in your area. All you have to do is to place your zip code and search for any ISP in that area with free connections. But there could be some disadvantages with this which could be slow connection, but if used for a while, you could adapt to it easily.

Method IV: With free Wifi Map App

Wifi map application is a mobile application that searches and gets all free wifi connections in a larger range in your area or any area. And so, this is a very good mobile application for any one in search for free data. This is completely free right from the application till the using of the wifi connection.

This application is used by most to be able to get free access to any wifi connection around the user of the connection. And it is a great but not very best method because when in an area where there is no wifi connection, then there is no internet access but when in an area with wifi connection, it grants enough access and free access to the internet.

This is a great feature but you will need some things in your mobile phone that will make this easier like maps and activate location to easily spot your location and know were exactly you are to grant you all permissions.

Also, there are some sites and or platforms that could be very useful in granting free access to the internet. Some of them are: Netzero and Freedompop

Method V: Using Netzero

Netzero is a platform that provides this service called Norton 360. This Norton 360 acts like a VPN that protects all your devices and with that, they have some special offers they grant to their users. And one of these offers is free internet connection.


As we have been talking in this article, this is a very good and efficient method to get access to free internet connection. This is because they provide first month free access to the internet for all their users. So when you get to start using this platform, you should have free internet connection for one month without any problem.

Also, they also offer free internet access every month for 10hours per user and 10 hours is not quite small as you may think because an internet bundle used for 10hours could cause you some cash and so, use this free method to get this free internet access.

The internet connection could turn out to be slow at times. Slow because maybe it is free and also because of the good number of people that use this platform.

Method VI: Using Freedompop

Freedompop just like Netzero is also another great website or platform that provides free internet and not just free internet, you get free calls, text messages and also get a smartphone if you want to purchase one or any of their sim cards if you need it. It is mostly based in the US but available all round the world.


With freedompop, free internet is nothing but the past and for you to have access to this free data, you just need to signup to this platform. After signup, you will be provided with 2go data that will help you access the internet and this is for one month of your first use of the site. Then, you will also be provided with free text messages and free calls.

You could think that is all you get but that is not all because every month after you are into the platform, you will get 500mb every month and this will be important to you as you could browse for free anytime this bundle comes to your device.

These are the six methods e have that can help you to access the internet for free legally. Now you can think of the fact that there are means of accessing the internet for free and all you have to do is to checkout which one is better for you.

Nevertheless, we have to show you what we mean by free internet connection illegally. And you can check it out by reading below.

How to get free internet connection for free at home illegally

We spoke above about how you can get an easy access to free internet connection legally and we are continuing this time around with means of getting access to free internet connection illegally.

And in this method of getting free internet, one gets access to the internet without access or permission from anyone or without permission from your ISP. As we said above, an ISP is a company that provides internet access to a group of people in a country or countries or an area. And to get free internet illegally, there are some factors that come into play. And these factors can be either VPN, SSH, Proxies, or many other aspects or factors.

but we mostly use what is called VPN(a platform or application used to grant free internet, calls, or text messages to users and is also used to hide what is called and IP address) and these VPNs are of different types and have also increased very much of recently.

Some VPN applications that one can see is anonytun, http injector, http custom, your freedom vpn, svl injector, ha tunnel plus, and many others. But these we have listed above are the most used vpn apps. You could just download it by clicking any of the links.

Below, we will provide to you some means by which you could access the internet for free with some of these vpn apps we provided above.

How to get free internet connection illegally

With these vpn apps above, you could get internet for free either for a month, for a week, or even a day you could just choose which one you see to be better for you.

HA Tunnel plus free internet connection

So these are some of the illegal free internet conections with full configs we have at our disposal. You can check any of the links above or just simply click on the link below to go to our general page.

Free Internet tricks

Or you could just simply learn how you can create your own config files and with this, you could use the link below

So these are the methods we have for you guys and to do with this, you now have a means to access the internet for free legally and illegally. And you also know what is meant by free internet legally or illegally.

Note that some of these files and tutorials, we are note the sole owners and make sure you use these files or these sites well without any misuse or do not use these files poorly. If you use them poorly or you misuse them, be ready to bare the consequences later on

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