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Free Unlimited Internet Trick For Brazil and Venezuela

Get the full Free Unlimited Internet Trick With Full Configuration file for Brazil and Venezuela.
Free Internet configuration

Free internet is growing the more as the days goes by and it has increased on the web search. The search volume has increased to a very high level. This is because with free internet, there are little or no expenses on network connection with a large amount of data at your disposal.

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Free Internet trick for Brazil and Venezuela

So in today's post, we will provide a configuration file for those that live in Brazil, and in Venezuela.

What is Free Internet?

Free internet is the capability of getting a free access as the name says to the internet for a limited period of time depending on the configuration file that provides the trick. When an ISP provides free access to the internet to any of their users, that can also be considered as free internet. Free internet can either be limited or unlimited.

Limited when there is a certain bandwidth provided for a period of time like for 1 day or for 1 week or even one month. And Unlimited when there is no specified bandwidth provided and you have access till your done. You can checkout some of our free internet tricks as provided below.

Free internet usually also comes with a certain validity, and the validity can be at 1 week(minimum), 15 days, or one month depending on the creator of the configuration file. But also, to access the internet for free, we use some tools that help to ease access; like VPNs, SSH, Proxies, and many others. But in today's article, we will use the VPN tool.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is an arrangement whereby a secured, apparently private network is achieved using encryption over a public network, typically the internet. A VPN can be used to ease internet access, same as it can be used as a tool to hide one's IP address. An IP address is the exact location of anyone as provided by the internet. People hide their IP address to hide their presence from thieves.

There are several VPN tools that are used for getting free internet access. Some of them including; Your Freedom VPN, HTTP injector, HTTP Custom, Anonytun, Droid VPN, NordVPN, and many others. But in this article today, we will be using just one the above VPN tools.

Free Unlimited internet trick for Brazil and Venezuela

So going to the full procedure proper, there are some things you must put in place first to get this free access; These are;


  • A full config file
  • The necessary VPN tool


So this is how the full procedure proper goes and follow till the end and share it to others in need.

Step One: The first step is to make sure you have the necessary VPN tool that is needed for this configuration file. The specific tool is HTTP Injector. Download the full application using the link below then you install the application;

HTTP Injector 12.34MB

Step two: Then after downloading and installing the application, you will have to download the full configuration as seen below

Vivo Mytel Digital.ehi 3.64kb

Step three: The next step is to make sure there is no internet connection on the specified SIM(Subscriber Identification Module) card your using;

Step Four: Then upload the full configuration file to the mobile app you downloaded above then after uploading the file, you should just tap on connect or start to automatically do the connecting for you.

So this is the full procedure that was reserved for you to be able to connect to the internet for free in Venezuela, and Brazil. Connect to the internet and enjoy yourself with this free internet trick.

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