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How to Get a Virtual Bank Account in the US Without SSN

How to Get an Instant Virtual Bank Account in the US for Residents and Non-US Residents Without Social security network
virtual bank account in the US

Time has passed a lot and several things are no longer done in the physical. For example letters that were sent before, android phone have deleted them; physical meetings have become online meetings; and bank accounts are already virtual.

And so what if you are in the US and need a virtual bank account without an SSN? That is why in this article we will be showing you how to get a free online American Bank Account Without SSN.

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How to get a free virtual US bank account for non residents without SSN

There are several virtual credit card providers in the world now and they are getting more points on the market as time passes meanwhile on the other hand, physical bank accounts have had fewer customers as these virtual bank accounts have been introduced.

So in today's article, we will be bringing you how you can get a free virtual US bank account even if you are not a US resident. But before we start showing you these procedure, let's first define what a virtual bank account is and what it is all about.

What is a Virtual Bank Account and What is it all About

As the name says, virtual bank accounts are online bank accounts where all transactions whether sending and receiving of money, is done online. Money can be stored in virtual bank accounts and money can be removed to physical cash from virtual bank accounts.

In short, a virtual bank account is identical to a physical account. It has a unique account number and can perform the same types of payments, and from a bank's perspective, virtual accounts are not treated any differently from a physical account in their books.

There are several different virtual bank accounts and most of them are in the United States. The US hosts several and the best virtual bank accounts and with this, this is a list of the best virtual banks in the US.

How to get a free online US bank account for non residents without SSN

And to get to our article goal proper, these are some few steps that one can use to have a free online US bank account. And in this article, we will use three different methods. continue reading below and learn how you can have a virtual US bank account to yourself.

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Method One: How to get a free online PayPal account for non-US residents

Paypal has turned out to be one of the most used online platforms these days and the trust level of paypal users have increased and is still increasing. This is because they have put a high level of confidence and they carry out their  work very well and keep their users very comfortable in their platform or site.

Open virtual bank account

To get the full procedure, follow the link below to know how to create a paypal account for all countries including all African countries

How to create a free Paypal account in All countries and all African countries

Method two: How to get a free Virtual bank account Using wise

Though there are several virtual banks in the US now, but not all of these virtual or online bank account provide access throughout the world. You can check out the list of some virtual banks above. But Wise, is one of the few platforms that accept free accounts through out the world in many countries

And so, follow the steps below to know how to get a free online bank account using wise.


Step one: The first thing to do is to go to their official website at wise.

Step two: There, it won't be complicated but just signup and create an account. Everything is your choice. You can choose either a private account or a business account. But for this procedure, you will have to choose individual account.

The country you choose at the beginning is the United States but at the level of the two-factor authentication, you then put your country code and approve with your phone number that will receive a message.

Use the images below and follow the steps and create your own account:

If the images are not very visible, you could put the dark mode to be able to see clearly what the images below show.

virtual bank account-wise virtual bank account-wise virtual bank account-wise virtual bank account-wise

After the level of the country code, you will have to finish with either choices you made above.

If you chose an individual account, then you will have to fill in the information after as it is in the image below. But for those that don't have a postal code can put '0000' as the code and validate it.

virtual bank account-wise

But if you chose business account, then use the image below and fill in yours. But for those who do not have an SSN, (social security network of nine digits), you will choose sole proprietor as company type or business type.

virtual bank account-wise

After it is done, you confirm it and you have created your online account and you are free to send money and receive money.

But you will note that you will have to fill in or deposit a certain amount before you can receive money from another person. And you can also check the lick below to know if wise is available in your country or not. Wise available in these countries.

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Method three: Create an online bank account using payoneer

Payoneer is also one of the rare websites or platforms that provide online bank account throughout the world. There is a list above showing to you a list of some virtual banks


Here, the first thing to do will be to go to the payoneer official website and then sign up and create your account by filling the informations that come below. You could choose either an individual account or a business account. But when choosing the business account, you need to have all the necessary informations and fill them in the spaces as asked in the site.

After you sign up and create your account, make sure you verify your account when they send you a mail for the verification.

For transactions, you need to verify your identity with your ID card information and a picture. Then you will free to access your account and to take on with your transactions sending and receiving money.

Banks that don't require ssn or itin

These are some banks that can facilitate your stay in the US even if you don't have an SSN or an ITIN.

  • ally bank
  • synchrony financial bank
  • Payoneer bank
  • capital one financial corp bank
  • Discover bank
  • Wise bank
  • SoFi bank
  • paypal
  • livi virtual bank
  • airstar bank
  • hdfc netsafe
  • pnc virtual wallet

So these are a list of virtual banks in the US and are rated amongst the best virtual banks in the world. But in today's article, we will be talking to you about Payoneer bank, Wise bank, and Paypal online virtual bank.

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What are the differences between Virtual Banks and Physical Banks

The relations between them was already sorted out before. Being that virtual banks are just the same like physical banks with the same aims to be done being to store, send, transfer and receive money. Just that for virtual banks, everything is done online and for physical banks, transactions are done and we see the transactions done physically.

Also, we must go to a physical bank to be able to do a transaction except for banks that have added mobile use and that transactions can be done with our physical phones. Apart from that, physical banks are done in the physical and virtual banks everything is done online.

What are the benefits of a virtual bank account

There is one main benefit of being the owner of a virtual bank account. Which is the simple fact that with virtual banks, the owner can access his account anywhere and can do any transaction anywhere.

Also, virtual banks permit transaction 24/7, that is, 24/24 and throughout the whole week.

What are the disadvantages of virtual banks

The main thing one can have a problem with dealing with virtual banks is lack of face-to-face contacts. This is as such that transactions are done between people who usually are not in contact with each other.

Also, the site or the platform used as transactions may be either saturated and becomes slow, or it is disrupted and or undergoing an update and all activities on the platform are stopped.

open bank account with passport only

They don't also last long and have very short lifespan. The oldest online bank present is at 20 years old. Meanwhile some keep coming up.

Are virtual banks safe?

Virtual banks are usually very safe but as some people will say, nothing is more that a human being. And hackers always have a means they come up with and some of them can hack through these virtual banks.

Though they usually prefer to go for what is high like cryptocurrencies namely bitcoin, Ethereum and many others but that does not give a 100% sure that they can't be hacked through. And the technique online bank owners do to avoid them is to keep bringing up updates on these platforms or site to keep these hackers away from your accounts. You could also checkout some of the best cryptocurrency platforms using the link below;

Read Also: Best cryptocurrency platforms to use in 2021

After knowing that you online cash is safe but not at a 100%, you will want to know how to add more security to your account and cash. So, these are some ways to add security to your account;

Security password: You will have to put a very strong password that only you can think of it and that no one can access your account by just guessing you password. Though the platform usually propose a strong password, but if you can put a password stronger than what they can have it will be good. But a strong password is not all about it.

Keep yourself up to date: These platform update their users as the time goes by and when there is any new thing, they keep their users up to date to let them know the next step they will take in their platform. SO always knowing what they are about to do will give you an advantage and a boost.


Some of these hackers use this method to hack you and will give you some informations at times that you have to re-login to continue using your account. But when you see mails or messages as such, make sure to contact your developer before any further step ahead.

Avoid login in public: Do not access your account in public as such someone can see your login informations and then later on access your account like a normal person and use your account as if it was his or hers.

Use biometrics: Some mobile banking apps offer what's known as biometric authentication. This allows you to confirm your identity using a unique physical trait, such as your voice, thumbprint (a popular method on mobile devices) or facial/retina scan. While not commonly offered now across all institutions, the popularity and ubiquity of biometric authentication is growing. If you have access to it, begin using it now.

Closing Remarks on How to Open bank account without SSN online

So these are the three main methods we had in our pockets to help you create a virtual bank account without SSN and don't forget to checkout some of our most visited articles and join us on our telegram channel for more articles.

Checkout some of our most visited articles and also, join us on our telegram channel for any of our frequent updates and for any new article you feel interested about.

Some Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can I open a US bank account without a Social Security number?

A social security number is not necessary to open a checking or savings account. The bank or credit union will need to confirm your name, date of birth, address, and ID number in order to open a checking or savings account.

Does Cash App require SSN?

Within the app, they will ask you for your Social Security Number (SSN) to confirm your identification. The Cash App requires identification verification for some services. Never provide your SSN to anyone outside of Cash App in order to protect your identity.

Does PayPal need SSN?

Your Social Security Number is needed by PayPal to confirm your identity. It is not common practice for buyers to furnish an SSN unless they are applying for PayPal credit. The last four digits of your social security number must be entered when applying for a line of credit through PayPal.

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