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How to create HA Tunnel Plus Hat Files for All Countries [Updated]

Always wanted to be the boss by creating your own config files? Get this short method on how you can create your own HA Tunnel Plus files
create ha tunnel plus hat files

Free internet connection has turned out to be one of the most viral and most discussed things online in a lot of sites. This is because things have become very complex on the internet and only with enough data connection can one be able to access all what he or she wants online.

As a matter of fact, free internet connection is not just about taking and chewing. A wise man will always say; Teach me how to catch fish and don't give me fish. And so, we have decided in this article today to teach you how to catch fish.

This simply means teaching you how you can create your own config files for free internet connection rather than depending on us for every update we make on our site before just taking and chewing it.

We will understand that some people will find it stressful to be able to create their own config files that is why we have this article available for you.(how to unlock ha tunnel files)

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But for those who will find it not complicated to go along in creating their own files, we will advice you to continue reading the article and going down to learn more about creating your own free internet HA Tunnel Plus hat files in any country you are and on any available sim card.

How to Easily create HA Tunnel Plus hat files in any country

To start with this article, we will have to introduce you to some aspects you might not know or some things you might need some clarifications on it. Firstly,

What is Free Internet and what is it all about?

Free internet is the ability to be able to access the internet for free either limited or unlimited. As it says, "free internet", it is completely free of charge and you won't have to pay any cash or money to be able to have access to the internet when dealing with free internet.

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Free internet is of two kinds that is, Free unlimited internet tricks and free limited internet. Free unlimited as the name says, it the ability to access the internet for free without any hindrances with the bandwidth provided.

That is, the bandwidth is just there and you access to the internet will come to an end only when the host has been blocked from your ISP.(ha tunnel plus settings)

And free limited internet is the ability to access the internet for free with a certain bandwidth available for use usually for a day or for a month. Below, you can checkout some of our most interesting articles on free internet after hitting on the link.

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With these two kinds, we can still divide this thing we call free internet into another two branches. Which is; Legal free Internet and Illegal free internet.

Legal free internet is one in which you are granted full access to the internet for free by your ISP. And here, no need for tools that will help you have internet access.

But Illegal free internet(what we are going to show you in this article), is one in which tools like VPN, SSH, Proxies, and many others are used to grant free internet access with the use of web hosts in any ISP.

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In this article today, we will be showing you how you can create for free your own free internet configuration file using one of the tools we mentioned above(VPN). Which is one of the most popular and most used  VPN tools for free internet tricks in the world right now. This VPN tool is called the HA Tunnel Plus.

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There are other VPN tools outside with these free internet tricks. like the Http Injector, Http Custom, Anony Tun, svl injector and many others.(ha tunnel plus free internet hat files all countries)

Talking less, what are VPNs? VPNs are softwares or mobile applications that are used to ease internet access and also used to hide IP addresses from thieves and online bandits.

And these days, many people have decided to throw themselves more in the search of free internet. And so, you can checkout some of our free internet related articles below.

Now, let's get started with the aim of our article proper. That is to bring to you this short way you can create your own free internet config files for HA Tunnel Plus in any country you are.

How to Setup HA Tunnel Plus and Get free internet hat files For any country

Step one: And so, to set up your HA Tunnel and get free hat files, the first thing you must do, is to download the application. You can download the full application using the link below.

Download HA Tunnel Plus

After the download, you will install and launch it. Your system might get to have a problem in the installation of the file. Checkout the link below and learn how to fix app not installed issue on any android phone.(ha tunnel plus settings)

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Step two: Then before you continue, you need to make sure you have a working host available at your disposal. Because it is only with a working host that you will be assured that you can get connected to the internet for free.

You can checkout this article and learn how to get free working hosts; or you can just simply get one from the list of SNI bug host and zero-rated websites.

Step three: For someone who is used to uploading dat files to his tool, you will have to switch on custom Setup on your homepage first. Some people will have it switched on already so don't bother putting it off. but if it is off, just switch it on and then go to the  "connection mode".

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Step four: In the connection mode, switch it to SNI(SSL/TLS mode) And then place your SNI host you had in Step two above in the space provided as shown in the image below. Then click on the "Use TCP Payload". You can, see how we have done it in the image below and do same on your smartphone.

create hat files

Step five: After this is done, you will then have to generate a Payload in the Payload generator. You can do this by hitting on the hamburger icon in the top left part of your screen and then clicking on "Payload Generator".

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Step six: To generate your Payload, you will setup yours as we have done ours as shown in the image below. By simply placing your SNI host you had in step two above in the space for "host". Then, in the Method section, you will see "HTTP-BUG" but you could still change it to the "GET" method but do not change it though.

And in the Http Version, Change it to the HTTP/1.1 version because it is a default version for all SNI hosts. Then, in the HTTP Headers, just tick on the ones we have ticked in the image below; which are keep alive, user agent, and Online host. Then When all this is done, click on Generate.

create hat files

Step seven: Before you apply, make sure you check the automatic "http" loaded by the application to the host. It is supposed to be the "https" and not the "http". So you can manually add the "S" if it is shown but http so that it can be something like "". Checkout in the image below. After it is done, hit on "Apply" and it will take you back to the homepage with your payload applied.

create hat files

Step eight: After the application of the Payload, you will see your application as it is shown in the image below. And all you do next is to click on Start.

create hat files

After clicking on start, checkout in the log section as shown in the image and you will see that you are connected to the internet. And you can enjoy your free internet connection.

create hat files

With this, you have created your own hat file for your country and for your ISP. You can export the config to you family and friends to enjoy from it too. But if you don't know how to go about, you can just read through this short method we have shown to you below.

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How to Export Hat Config File in HA Tunnel Plus

You may want to export a hat file in order to share with others. And so, you ca just do it as we have shown it below.

  • Click the 3 dot icon(option) from the top right corner of the ha tunnel plus vpn
  • Click Import/Export and select Export
  • Give your config file a name and choose whether to lock the settings so that no one can edit it.
  • Enter a description message like for example, you can put your name so that everyone that will use the file will see your name and know the author of the hat config file.
  • Start sharing with others and make your developer skill known by many.

Also, you can also learn how to import config files to your HA Tunnel plus application by reading through below.

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How to Import Hat Config File in HA Tunnel Plus

Importing a file is even much easier than the exportation. It is very simple to import a hat file you got or that you just downloaded from our website.

To be able to import a hat file, you will first need a working file that has not expired and you can get working hat files from here. After downloading the full config file, follow the steps and import your file.

  • Click the 3 dot icon from the top right corner of the app's interface
  • Click Import/Export and select Import Config.
  • Now locate the hat file in your phone storage and click on the file.
  • The file will be imported automatically

Enjoy your free internet with HA Tunnel Plus.

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Host For SNI Injection

Some people will need the Host just for the SNI injection, then you can do it using these steps;

Step one: In the connection mode section in your application's homepage, select SNI (TLS/SSL)

Step two: Enter your host you want to inject. We provided this means for you to get free SNI Hosts for free configuration. But you could still check it out if you did not check it out by clicking here. Then, Select port 80 or 443. 

Step three: Now click on START and you check it in the log tab and you will notice you are connected.

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Conclusions on How to Create HA Tunnel Plus Files

In conclusion, we brought to you this method on how you can create a config file for free internet connection in any country. And we said that the main thing is to have the downloaded application, and have a working host for free connection.

We also showed you how you can bring in new config files by importing them and how you can share your config you created them to others by exporting them.

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