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Shutterstock Image Downloader 2023

shutterstock image downloader

With this, you can download your Shutterstock images for Free. These images generally will have no watermark, but for those with watermark, you will get a watermark at the bottom of the image where you can crop the image and completely remove the watermark.

How Does it Work?

Well, this is how this tool works;


Step 1. Get your shutterstock link on the shutterstock website. And the link should have the format:

Step 2. Then you should paste the link in the box below. And then hit Continue. This will load your shutterstock image.

Step 3. What next is that your image will load but will have a shutterstock watermark at the bottom as shown in the image below. And what you will do next is to download the image and go to your photo editor app ( for example), and then cut the image and remove the watermark at the bottom.


Step 4. After that, you can use your image anywhere(any social media platform like Instagram) you wish except for your website. This is due to copyright issues.

Shutterstock images are high quality images but are also very secured. And if you use it on your site page, Google will end up removing your article because of the copyright claims on the image.

And so, Note that these images are for Social media platforms, and even mostly for Instagram. If you are looking for images to use on your website, then you can checkout our article and get the best Stock sites where you will get sites (like Pixabay) to download free images.

Example URL:

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Download Shutterstock Images?

To download shutterstock images, there are two simple ways.

1. You can first of all download shutterstock images on the shutterstock website, with watermark, but if you don't want the watermark, you can pay for a premium account and then download paid images without watermark.

2. You can also decide to download them using a shutterstock image downloader like this one. You will have to copy the image link, and then paste it in the box provided above and then continue as shown to download the image.

How do I Download Shutterstock Images without watermark

We have described all of this above. But for a quick recap, you can download without a watermark either by paying for a premium account, or you can use a shutterstock image downloader.

Are Shutterstock Downloaders Safe?

We won't say that all shutterstock image downloaders are safe, but we will say that when you find the right shutterstock image downloader, you will always be safe. And this shutterstock image downloader is a safe platform for downloading stock images.

What Payment method does Shutterstock use?

Shutterstock currently accepts three main payment methods: Payoneer, Paypal, and Skrill.

Can you use Shutterstock images anywhere?

Shutterstock Videos and images are highly secured with Copyright. And if you use them on your website, you will find your article been removed or sanctioned because of the copyright claim from that image.

That is why we will advice everyone that think of shutterstock images to always use them on social media platforms for advertisements. Social Media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, and many others.

How many Images are on Shutterstock?

There are more than 200 million images on Shutterstock. Shutterstock was founded since in 2003 and since then, it has grown to be a very much loved platform for downloading shutterstock images.

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