Speedboost Your Internet Connection on Psiphon Using Psicash

Learn how to Speedboost Your Internet Connection on Psiphon Using Psicash easily

Speedboost your internet connection using Psicash

The web has increased visits everyday with many people in search of free data and how to have access to the internet for free. There are a lot of methods whereby one will use this Psiphon VPN application and so, we decided to show you guys how you could boost your internet speed using Psicash on Psiphon.

In this article, we will show you how to get unlimited Psicash for free without having to pay a anything online or anyhow.

What is Psicash?

First of all what is Psicash? Psicash is Psiphon’s in-app currency that allows you to upgrade your Psiphon experience. It can be spent on a Speedboost, allowing you to experience Psiphon with maximum speed.

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Speed boost allows you to get faster network speeds while connected to the Psiphon network. This is a perfect aspect for streaming video, gaming, Voice-over-IP calling, or other content-rich sites and services that deal with a lot of internet data and access.

If you are a Psiphon user and you experience connection problems or slow connection and internet speed with Psiphon, then that is probable due to lack of Psicash. But don't bother, from today onwards you should not have any problems with your Psiphon browsing anymore.

Speed boost your Psiphon internet connection with Psicash

Psiphon built in Psicash to help it’s users get a better experience when using their services and the developer in return gets paid for the increase in server speed by every Psicash you purchase. 

Psicash is a built-in currency within the Psiphon VPN application that permits its users to get a better speed and experience when using Psiphon Pro VPN.

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Various subscription plans are offered by the Psiphon developer for a specific amount of Psicash. So the more the Psicash you got, the longer and faster will your internet connection be even better.

How can I use Psicash?

We have some of these three methods available in our sleeves for you today. But, you will need some basic requirements to get these methods fully available to you. These requirements are;


  • An Android Phone
  • Psiphon Pro VPN Client ( Make sure its not a moded version of Psiphon)
  • An internet connection


Method I

Download Psiphon Pro

Download Psiphon Pro

If you find it difficult if you don't have enough data to download this application, Check out some of these our free internet tricks for all countries and know how to browse for free in your country.

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The first thing to do will be to connect to the internet using Psiphon pro. You will just have to open to your Psiphon pro app downloaded from playstore and tap on start shown at the bottom left of your android or apple phone as shown below.

How to boost your connection on Psiphon using Psicash

When you tap on the start button, after a short while, you will be connected to the internet on Psiphon pro but your browsing won't be swift as wished especially with a congested network. So to boost your connection, you'll have to tap on the speed boost shown in the middle of your screen.

Since this process is not free, you will boost it with your Psicash. And your Psicash can be added due the original 100 provided by the app.

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How do I get Psicash

To add your Psicash, there are three ways of getting your Psicash
  • You can either buy it from the app,
  • Watch a video and earn it more,
  • Or change your account. Change accounts because every new account is credited automatically with a certain number of Psicash. 

Note that the video cannot be watched with Psiphon pro connected to the internet. That is you will have to disconnect from your Psiphon pro and watch your video with mobile data to earn the Psicash. The video last for approximately 5seconds and your reward is given to you. Though a limited number of time per day. You can also buy the Psicash. All as shown on the picture below.

Speed boost your PSiphon internet connection with Psicash

After you have your Psicash ready, all you have to do now is to boost your connection speed using Speed boost. After you have the Psicash tap on the Speedboost and it will be as shown below.

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Speed boost your Psiphon internet connection with Psicash

This is what we got for you on this. I will inform you in case of any new method discovered. We have two other methods available in our pockets for you. Continue reading and learn how to speedboost your internet connection on Psiphon.

Method II:

Download Psiphon Pro VPN on Google Play store if you haven’t yet done so using the link we provided above.

Now check and add the BIN on Playstore. The BIN provided below. If you want to know how you can use this BIN very well, you can read this article below.

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Getting the BIN

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BIN For Psicash and Other Premium Playstore Subscriptions


BIN: 53659535523xxxx




ZIPCODE: 10080



BIN 2: 🔱🔥 Bin For Psicash and Other Premium Playstore Subscriptions🔥🔱

💳 𝗕𝗜𝗡: 515462001762xxxx

📍 IP: USA or even yours


🏘 ZIPCODE: 10080

This BIN can equally be used for other subscriptions such as CyberGhost VPN, HBO Go, and many more subscriptions. So you can go wide with your BIN we provided above.

Make sure you use a good VPN such as Nord, IP Vanish, Express VPN, VyPr VPN etc. This is in the IP and country section. Use any of the above VPNs that can be best to be used. But if you do not feel like using these VPN apps, you can use your own IP for the method, it will equally work.

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Unlimited Psiphon Psicash?

I know most of you reading this post were expecting a method that might may be permit you to load unlimited Psicash in the application. First let me inform you that this is a reliable method and yes it might not last long just for the trial period.

But as a matter of fact, this will help you during a trial period and after that trial period, that will be all. But you can still have the choice to make your speed last longer. If you want your Speedboost last longer, continue reading below.

How to make the method last long

To make this last long, all you need to do is to consume your trial period. After you must have finished your trial period, clear the Psiphon data and cache files, then go to Playstore, change the account you are using and reapply for subscription.

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This method is very efficient but for those that have several google accounts. So just login with a new account and re-do the steps above and continue your free browsing with great speed.

I will inform you in case of any new method discovered. The for now you got to manage this one. Half a bread is better than nothing.

How to get free internet connection on Psiphon without Psicash

You can also use the free moded VPN app of Psiphon and get connected to the internet. Many people get connected with the normal application but not for free. And with the modded application of this VPN app, you will enjoy connection for free.

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Download the application using the link below;

Download Psiphon Pro

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