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Get A Free Virtual Credit Card Online For All Countries 2024

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Free virtual credit cards for all countries

The World has changed and is continuously changing with technology fast increasing. Now one can buy something online without leaving any traces. One can create a credit card online for just a specific purpose. One can have a credit card online for just one purchase online and gets on with his or her activities. This is done with the use of a virtual credit card.

And so, in this article, let's start with showing you how you can easily get a Free Virtual Credit Card online in any country. 

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How to get a Free Virtual Credit card Online

So what is a virtual credit card?

A virtual credit card(VCC) is an online card that can be created in a specified platform with the aim of purchasing a specific product online either as a one time purchase or as a continuous renewal of a specific product (Renewing Netflix monthly purchase). They are entirely online with a six digit verification number and has an expiry date just as a physical card.

A Virtual payment card is a debit or credit card that is created entirely online. They're a randomly-generated 16-digit number, complete with a card verification number and expiry date. They act in the same way traditional credit cards do - without the need for a physical card.

Get a Free Virtual Credit card Online

Virtual credit cards are now getting an increasing voluminous rank and increase in the tech world today. They appear to be widely used than physical credit cards because they are easy to get and most of them are free.

Virtual credit cards are now used to verify PayPal, subscribe for Netflix and do many more things online. Also, these virtual credit cards are used in online stores for purchasing virtual products as well as physical products.

To purchase a highly trusted virtual credit card, you will need some cash but nevertheless, you can still get a virtual credit card even without any cash. Continue reading this trick or article on how to get free virtual credit card from a trusted platform and have your own virtual credit card online for free.

How to Create a Free Virtual Credit card without bank verification Using Yandex money

Watch the full method in the video provided below

To get a free virtual credit card from a trusted issuer, we will be using Yandex Money. Yandex money is credit card issuer developed by Russian Search engine to provide their citizens with a means of keeping their money virtually in their online wallets.

Due to Yandex money features, it makes Yandex money very suitable to get a virtual credit card. The features of Yandex money Wallet are as follows;

Features of Yandex Money Free Virtual Credit Card

  • Free Servicing
  • Freely Add money to your card
  • Payments without commission
  • Pay3% to Withdraw cash (Google, Apple, Samsung Pay, Garmin Pay, Кошелёк Pay, MiBand)
  • Transfer to other card or e-wallet can cost 3%, minimum
  • Valid for 1 year
  • No bank verifications
  • No personal Identity verification 
  • Instant cash back
  • Shared balance with Yandex Money
  • Cards Support several currencies and so is Multicurrency card: Supports Euros, Pounds, Dollars and many more.
  • Available for all countries
  • Card Issued in few clicks
  • MasterCard or Visa Card Freely Issued
  • Instantly issued in seconds
  • Card can be reissued
  • No charges upon card issuing
  • Issued separately and thus is secure.

How to get a Free Virtual Credit Card with Yandex Money

Obtaining this credit card is a little complicated without a proper guide. So take the procedures keen and be sharp at doing what the procedure below will tell you.

Yandex has recently updated their site and their site might get a little complicated more than before but don't bother because we are here to guide you through the site and have what you need.

Get the necessary requirements you will need to get through the procedure smoothly. Gather them and get going for the procedure on how to create or get a free virtual credit card.


  • A Smartphone or Tablet or PC with a Good Internet connection
  • An updated Browser (I recommend an updated Chrome Browser)
  • Valid Phone Number
  • Valid email address.


  • On your navigation device open your browser and go to the website and click on create wallet shown on the top right part of your screen.

How to create a free working virtual credit card 2024

  • Now you will be taken to a page asking you to verify your number. You just enter your mobile number for verification. I recommend your personal phone number because you will receive mails.

  • On the next page after you must have entered the code to verify your phone number, you will need to enter your working email address. Enter it and verify it.;;;free virtual credit card application 2024
  • After you must have verified your email address, you will need to create a password for your account as shown in the screenshot below.
free virtual credit card

Free virtual credit card app 2024

  • Account has been created successfully. You will be redirected to your dashboard and it won’t be in English but in Russian language. But since google chrome(recommended) is the one you will use, google translate will help you translate it to your specified language.
  • On you dashboard got to the Bank Cards tab without clicking and the sub-tab will show and you click on virtual as shown on the image below.
free virtual credit card with yandex
Best free virtual credit card

  • On the next page, you will have to click on button "Get a Virtual Card"
  • On the next page, you will be provided with two credit card types to chose one from. So, you chose either Visa or MasterCard all depends on you and you click on Next.
How to get a working virtual credit card in 2024

  • A text message with a confirmation code will be sent to your mobile number you used during registration in the previous steps. So enter the code and pass that step.
  • And you will receive a confirmation message that your card has been created successfully and can now be accessed in the Bank Cards section.
  • But the card is limited only to Russian shops and online boutiques. To remove this limitation, you can top up your account or purchase their paid cards.

Free working virtual credit card

  • To view the details of your credit card, you need to enter a confirmation code sent to your mobile number each time you wish to view the credit card. 
  • This credit card works pretty well on many sites and to explore its full functionalities, consider topping the card up.

How to transfer money to and from a Yandex Virtual Credit Card

Money can be transferred using internet connection from your personal bank or any bank, to and from a Yandex Virtual Credit card. Transfer fees are free from Yandex credit card. Fund will appear after 2 to 5 business days on the card.

Yandex is very secure wallet so fear not to register an account and obtain your free virtual credit card now.

Can I use Yandex Money Virtual Credit Card on Netflix?

We haven’t yet tested this card on Netflix but we believe it will work perfectly on Netflix because Netflix flags credit cards that are not active and that are not registered by any issuer so credit cards with no identity and zero balance can’t be accepted by Netflix.

So they flag the card as not valid. Netflix verifies every card from the bank identification number and if it is not registered to any bank, then that card will be flag as not valid and thus rejected by Netflix.

Can I use Yandex Money Virtual Credit Card to Verify PayPal?

Yes, we tested this card on PayPal and it does works well. You just need to provide a working address for the card on PayPal. You can generate any Russian random address and enter as the card address and it will work just fine.

But still, even accepted by PayPal, you will need to top up the card in order to verify the account with PayPal. If you don't do so, your transaction with PayPal will be limited because they were not able to verify if your card is Valid or not.

Can Yandex Money Virtual Credit Card be used in any Country?

Yes, this credit card can be used in any country world wide. This credit card has features available for all countries. Just follow the steps below and you will understand by yourself that it is available for all countries.

Other ways to Get a Free Virtual Credit card Online.

Here are a few other ways to obtain a free VCC right now apart from the Yandex Money.

1. Online Payment Platforms:

Some payment platforms, like Revolut, offer virtual debit cards that you can create for free. These cards can be used for online purchases and provide additional features such as spending controls and security features.

However, it's essential to review the terms and conditions, including any potential fees that may apply.

2. Digital Wallets:

Digital wallets such as Google Pay or Apple Pay allow you to add your existing credit or debit cards and use them for virtual transactions without the need for a physical card.

While these wallets are not exactly virtual credit cards, they offer a similar convenience and security for online purchases.

3. Online Prepaid Card Providers:

Several online prepaid card providers offer virtual prepaid cards. These cards function similarly to credit cards, but you need to load funds onto them before you can use them for online purchases. Some providers include Entropay and Payoneer.

Remember to thoroughly research and review the terms and fees associated with any virtual card provider or service you consider. Be cautious of providers that claim to offer free virtual credit cards but may involve hidden fees or lack essential security features. Always prioritize reputable institutions and services to protect your personal and financial information.

Note: As the online financial landscape evolves, terms, fees, and availability of services may change. It's always recommended to refer to the specific provider's website or contact their customer support for the most up-to-date information and options available in your region.

Conclusion and closing Remarks on Free Virtual Credit Card for All countries

Some widely demanded questions are: how to get a virtual credit card for paypal verifications; free virtual credit card for Netflix; free virtual credit card app; free virtual credit card with money and many more questions.

In today’s article, we answered some of these questions and showed you how to get a free working virtual credit card using Yandex.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can virtual cards be used internationally?

Yes. There are a lot of virtual card providers and most of them provide virtual credit cards that are available in all countries. Though some virtual credit cards cannot be used internationally, this does mot mean that all of them cannot be used internationally.

Is there a free virtual card?

Yes. There are free Virtual cards. Many of these virtual card providers have seen that creating paid virtual cards will send customers that don't have the means away and have decided to create free virtual cards so that everyone can be privileged to have one.

Can I use virtual card at ATM?

Not really. Virtual cards actually work like physical credit or debit cards. As debit cards are used at ATMs, that is the same way virtual cards are used in all virtual platforms that accept payments.

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