The Top Four Best Android Emulators for iOS devices

In a quest for android emulators for iOS, we have brought to you this list of the top four best android emulators for your iDevices
android emulator for iOS

 The continuous debate of which one is better between android and iPhones have not ended and will never end since everyone has his or her preferences. This person will tell you how he or she prefers using iPhone or iOS devices, meanwhile another person will insist on the fact that iOS devices have no match for android devices.

Well, in this continuous agenda, we brought up one of our articles to show you what differentiates android smartphones from iOS smartphones which you can use, and easily conclude from there which one is better.

Nevertheless, whether you prefer android or iOS, did you know you can manage both platforms on your one mobile phone(either iOS or android)?

Well, with what we call emulators, you can adapt a completely different system so that it can work on another system with ease.

For example, you can have android emulators for PCs; which will see you using and installing all your android apps and system while in your Personal computer. You will use any of these platforms to install android apps on your PC and use it there.

OR you can also get iOS emulators for android devices where you will use any of the iOS emulators on your android phone and you will be able to install all your iOS applications on your android phone.

And so, after that, we decided to talk today about another category. Which are the android emulators for your iOS devices(iPhone). Keep reading and get the best Android emulators for iPhones.

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The Top 4 Best Android Emulators for iOS Smartphones.

Well, this might look strange to some people that someone will really look for and android emulator to use on the iPhone. But let me assure you that many people do have android emulators on their iPhones.

This is because android has a very wide platform and this allows the android to accept many developers to add new applications compared to the strict security that iOS devices do implement.

This has now caused many applications to be found on android, but not on iOS. As a gamer, it is possible you saw this very interesting game, but that game can be played only on android; As a teacher or facilitator, you might have seen this amazing study app on android, but you use iPhone; or many other examples.

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This will obviously cause you to look for a way to adapt and get this application in your iPhone instead of going to the market to buy a new phone just because of that one app. And this will cause us now to show you some advantages and disadvantages of using emulators.

The Pros and Cons of Emulators.


  • Easy to get or Easily accessible
  • It is cheaper
  • Can run multiple device systems on one System.
  • Issues don't pop up a lot.


  • Less data consuming since most emulators need internet connection to function
  • Tends to slow down our device
  • Can't control your disk space very well since most consume a lot of memory space
  • They don't work perfectly on all devices.

Well, Emulators, as a whole are very good or even excellent, but as we all know that nothing is perfect, it is same for emulators. They also have their own drawbacks.

Whether we will advice you to use an emulator or not? No! We won't, you will have to judge it on your own and decide if you will like to use an emulator on your iOS, Android, or PC.

The Best android Emulators for your iOS device.

Well, in our pick, we will be explaining our picks below. They are;

1. iAndroid

Thinking of iOS emulators, iAndroid is one of the best for a quite a long time now. It facilitates use for you and is adaptable to all iOS devices including iPhone, iPod, iPad, iPod touch.

iAndroid is easy to use after a certain period of time though it is not very fluent for the beginners on this platform. You will have to use it for a while first. But never mind since they show you how it works.

They have very good features and can play almost all android applications. Whether games, or any other apps, this platform supports them.

Some common features


  • Very easy and smooth interface for all users.
  • The features are not complicated since you can easily understand it and use it easily.
  • Allows full access to android features
  • You won't pay to install applications


  • Battery consumptions is high.
  • Beginners won't be fluent at the start
  • Slow down device speed

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2. GBA4iOS

Games are usually the highest memory consumption, battery consumption, and phone slowing apps in our mobile phones. And if you see an emulator that has facilitated these aspects and made things easier on this page, then that emulator will be able to withstand any other application.

Well, if you are a gamer, then this emulator is for you. With GBA4iOS, you can play any android games on your iPhone or iOS device.

With a clean and very smooth interface, it allows you to also customize your settings to adapt your use and with an easy to use interface. Why not also download ROM files from Safari and add to the app? Yes! It does that.


  • Connects with Safari to download ROM files
  • Smooth and fluid interface
  • Can connect to Google Drive
  • Can easily play the Gameboy and Nintendo games


  • Requires high processing power.
  • Android Services drop in quality, or let's say, unimpressive graphics.
  • It is downloaded only on third party sites and not on the App Store.
  • Shows unexpected glitches during a gaming session as well as show lags.

3. ApowerMirror

ApowerMirror is an emulator that is a little different from the others. ApowerMirror does not work like others that you install applications in them and then play from there one time.

Instead, if you have a friend with an android device, with a certain app or game, you can also play it alongside your friend by using ApowerMirror.

Both of you will install the app, and then both of you launch the app and connect the phones using either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. After that he launches the game from his android phone and immediately, you will see the game images appear on your phone.

If it is a football game, you guys can both play a Versus match or any other game.

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Well, ApowerMirror as the name is, is a mirror image of the other phone or device. You can also manipulate the other device from your own device since ApowerMirror has given you the permission to do that. And so, you can access any app on the other android device while on iOS.

But this app will work only when you have another phone by you. That is, you have to connect to an android phone before you can use the platforms features to it's fullest.


  • Clean and smooth interface
  • Supports very high performance apps
  • No glitches or lags as long as both devices are have very good quality.
  • Easy to use interface for beginners
  • Does not consume too much memory


  • Must have another device to work
  • Image Quality drops at times
  • Must be connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to work

4. iNDS Emulator for iOS

Another great platform for your games and applications. It is a platform that is most adaptable for Nintendo games. And they have made the platform easy for Nintendo gamers.

Well, you can now use this app even if your iOS is not jailbroken. Before, you will have to jailbreak your iPhone or iDevice to be able to use this platform. But the have removed this feature and made things easier for everyone.

And with that, you can play all your favourite games and install all your favourite android applications on your iOS.


  • The platform is smooth and easy to use
  • Can play all your Nintendo DS games
  • Phone must no longer be jailbroken to function perfectly
  • Does not lag or scratch, and supports almost all iOS devices including iPhone iPod, iPad, ...
  • High quality images and interface during gaming sessions


  • Batter over heats, and so, will consume a lot of battery power
  • Application works on very high power

Final Thoughts

Android Emulators for iOS are usually very helpful for users that want to download or use an application on the Google Play Store and not on App Store.

Instead of buying a new android device, why not just install an android emulator on your iOS and then install the application from there? With android emulators for iOS, you won't have to spend much money.

Well, choose from the list above which one you have seen that will be better to use for you and for your iOS device.

Some Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) on emulators for iPhone

Checkout some of these questions and answers that could also help you in your quest for emulators for iPhone.

Can I use Android apps on iOS?

The answer here is NO! You cannot since android users but APK file format to install applications which is not the case for iOS devices.

What Can I do to use an Android app on iOS?

It is quite true that you can't use android apps on iOS devices, but with the use of android emulators, you can be able to install android apps in this emulator on your iOS device and the use android apps from the emulator.

Are Emulators Illegal to use?

No! Emulators are not illegal to use. But using the emulators badly, is illegal. Like using ROM files on emulators is illegal and the phone developers most of the times will not accept that.

How do Emulators work?

For example android emulators for iOS, they will permit you to install android apps on your iOS and use the android apps on your iOS device. OR, android emulators for PCs, will see you installing and using android apps on your Personal computer(PC).

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