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The Best iOS Emulators for Android Devices 2024

In this article, we have brought to you four of the best iOS emulators for android devices. You can read it and know more about them.
iOS Emulators for android

 Most of us that use android phones could think of using an iOS device but at times the means are not favorable for us.

Or may be you might be an android user that has seen a very amazing app on your friend's iOS device and you feel like you should have it too. But the stress to purchase a new phone just for that application will discourage you.

Well, we will tell you today that you will be able to use that application or any other iOS application whether you have an iOS device or not. Because just with your android device, you can get the application.

But the next question is: How is it possible? Well, there are iOS emulators that mobile developers have developed to be able to assist people in your position to be able to install any iOS application on their android smartphone and use it without any problems.

This type of application or software is called an emulator(an iOS emulator). And so, in this article, we will showing you some very good iOS emulators to use this year on your Android device.

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The Best iOS Emulators For Android Smartphones?

What is an iOS Emulator?

An iOS Emulator is a developed app just like any other developed app but with aim to be able to shelter iOS application in other devices.

You can have iOS emulators for android devices, or for PCs. And if you have for android, then you will be able to have an iOS device in your android mobile phone and install any iOS application in your android device and then use it there.

And so, an iOS emulator for android will create a platform in your android device which will facilitate the installation and the use of iOS softwares in your android device.

The Top Four Best iOS Emulators for Android

Android emulators are applications(APK) just like any other APK found in android devices.

Android devices install these softwares in the form of Android Package Kit(APK). And to install these APKs, your device should allow installation from unknown sources.

But do you do that? To install APKs from unknown sources;

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  1. Go to your Phone Settings and browse for Security
  2. In your Security tab, swipe up or down depending on your mobile phone and search for "Unknown sources"
  3. Then switch it on(turns blue when it's on) and accept any prompted message that comes up.

And after doing this, you will be able to install any APK file including the iOS emulators.

With that said, these are the top Four best android emulators you will see right now and that we will advice you to use.

1. iEmu iOS Emulator

This is one of the best if not the best iOS emulator you will see on android. It is a very flexible application with a very user-friendly platform.

They have made the application very good for almost all android users since it supports about 98% of android phones and supports most especially the recently released android phones.

This platform is also very swift and easy to use and it supports very high quality applications like some very heavy games.

All you have to make sure is to have a very stable internet connection and all will go on well for you while using iEmu iOS Emulator.

One amazing thing also is that the app is not a heavy application, and supports rooted and non-rooted devices. So you won't bother even if your device is rooted or not.


  • Very User-friendly
  • Light weight APK
  • Supports rooted devices
  • Free Application
  • Swift interface which works on almost all android devices

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  • Works only with internet connection
  • Cannot be downloaded on Google Play and so, many fake sites will have it

2. Cider iOS Emulator

If you are searching for iOS emulators on android and you don't hear about Cider, then you have not been given a complete list. Cider is also one of the best emulators for android you will encounter.

Very easy to use, and a very quick interface; that is, it is not slow, no freeze or lacking, or any other thing that will make you not to like the application.

Many people do recommend this platform, and if you see it in our list today, then we assure you that it's a great platform to run your iOS apps on your android phone.

Cider won't use a lot of your disk space and you will find it very good to use.


  • Excellent interface
  • Very User-friendly
  • Free to use
  • Won't take a lot of disk space


  • Not Found on Google Play and would be downloaded from an untrusted site
  • Does not work on all android devices

3. ApowerMirror

This is another good platform that you can use, but it won't be like Cider or iEmu. With ApowerMirror, you will require two devices. You will require and android phone and an iPhone to be able to use the iOS softwares on your android device.

ApowerMirror is an amazing picture platform where you can show your smartphone on your PC, or your can show your android phone on your iPhone and vice versa.

You won't forcefully need an internet connection to connect them or to work with it, all you have to do is to switch on your Wi-Fi on one and hotspot on the other and you will be able to connect them whether with internet connection or without internet connection.

ApowerMirror supports all android devices and all iPhones and all you have to do is to connect them and start using your iOS device on your android device.


  • Free to use platform
  • Very User-friendly
  • Clean and swift interface and casts images in real-time
  • Does not necessarily need internet connection to work
  • Downloadable on Play Store


  • Requires two devices to work
  • Requires Wi-Fi to work

4. iOS Emulator

Another amazing platform we can recommend to you. Very swift and very easy to use. It is also considered as one of the best iOS emulators for android.

But this one is different from the others in that you won't have to download any application here. Just access the official website and then use the platform from there to get any iOS application and use it.


  • No Installation required
  • Great User interface
  • Safe to use and Free from any malware or viruses
  • Usable on all android devices


  • Must not be installed to be used
  • Swift user interface
  • Easily used on any android device


  • Must require an internet connection to function

Other iOS Emulators for Android

These are some other emulators we have not spoken about. They are;

  1. iOS Launchers
  2. iOS Emus Emulator
  3. All in One Emulator

Why Should I Use an iOS Emulator?

There are many reasons that can come to play if we start talking about this and below we will outline some few reasons why some people do use iOS Emulators for android.

-> An iPhone is more expensive than an android emulator. With a Few Megabytes, you can download an iOS emulator, but you won't buy an iPhone if you don't have a lot of cash.

-> Doing two things at the same time and saving stress and some few things. Keeping an android interface and an iOS interface in the same mobile phone will make things easier since you can use iOS apps and android apps at the same time.

-> Most of these Emulators are very lightweight apps and won't stress up your android phone. You can get it and it will still be like using any other normal application.

-> Some of these emulators like the ones we have not named are also iOS launchers and will modify and give an iPhone look to your android device.

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Final Thoughts on iOS Emulators for Android

Are you an android user that does not want to invest into an iPhone but want to use some iOS apps? Well, iOS emulators will help you in that.

In this article, we have brought out four of the best iOS emulators for android you will find. And all you have to do now is just to reach out to these platforms, download the application or access their website, and then start using this amazing platform.

As a Quick recapitulation, we spoke of iEmu Emulator, Cider emulator, Apower Mirror, and then Emulator. Visit them and enjoy your iOS apps on android.

Some Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can you Install iOS emulators on tablet?

Yes you can. But iOS emulators are for android devices. And only Tablets that are android based will accept iOS emulators. And they will accept all emulators.

Can i install iOS emulator without rooting?

Yes, it is very possible

Does Bluestacks work with iOS or android?

Well, Bluestacks is an android emulator for PCs. And only those using a PC will install Bluestacks and will only cast their android device and not iOS device.

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