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The Differences Between and Android Smartphone and an iPhone

Android phones and iPhones are the most used phones in the world: so checkout what differences they have and choose your phone wisely
Differences between iPhone and android

As time goes by, this endless argument of which one is better never stops to rise. With some claiming iPhone is better and some claiming android is better.

Android phones and iPhones are the two most popular types of smartphones in the world. Both platforms offer a wide range of features and benefits, but there are also some key differences between the two.

That is why we have decided to bring to you some differences between android smartphones and iPhone smartphones today in this article.

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iPhone vs Android

But nevertheless, different people have different things they do and depending on what they do, some decide to choose iPhone devices same as some people will often prefer android devices. And so, these are some of the differences we have raised that will help you know which one to use, whether it is android smartphone or iPhone smartphone.

1. iOS is a secure walled garden, while Android is an open mess

The apps that run on iPhones are more strictly controlled by Apple. After all, on an iPhone, you can download apps only from the App Store, while on Android smartphones you can get apps from anywhere you like. For example, companies like Epic Games decided to distribute their software outside of the Play Store.

There are countless alternative stores that compete with Google's Play Store, and most of them are not what you would call secure. Not to mention the fact that Android lets you install apps from ".apk" files which can come from anywhere and can contain any form of malware. In Apple's ecosystem that is almost impossible.

2. iPhones are more privacy-oriented than Android smartphones

Apple is a company that is famous for its opinions about privacy. Although iPhones and Apple also collect data about you and your habits, they always ask you about it beforehand. Furthermore, if you read the news headlines about Apple and FBI from the last few years, then you know that Apple does not give up your data when the FBI comes calling.

Google, on the other hand, is a lot less interested in keeping your data private. It actually wants you not to want to keep it private. Why? Because Google makes most of its money from your data, by selling advertisements tailored to you. Apple's primary revenue comes not from ads but from selling iPhones. Strange, right? A company that keeps everything closed-source, like Apple, can be more privacy-focused than a company like Google, which is a lot more friendly to open-source.

3. iPhone apps do not crash as often as their Android counterparts

The apple company have built their devices and have made sure that their devices don't crash or even don't get too slow no matter the number of applications installed or how full the memory is.

However, there are times when some of them can lag for a second or two before responding to taps. But for android devices, their memory does not have to be full if not the device will become very slow and applications will even tend to crash.

4. The home screen on iOS is not as customizable as the one on Android

The iPhone home screen is not customizable at all. The only things that one can do on it are very few compared to android devices. Android devices have widgets and these widgets are also customizable.

On most iPhone devices, the only things one can change about the home screen are:

  • Choosing a different image for the wallpaper
  • Changing the order of the app icons
  • Creating folders in which I can place multiple app icons

There is no apps drawer like in Android. All the apps are shown on the home screen, so you have to create app folders to get all the clutter organized.

5. Some apps from the App Store are better than their Android counterparts

Apple is known for its high standards regarding the apps that make it through its App Store. That means that developers must create apps that pass specific usability and quality criteria that are established by Apple. As a direct consequence, some third-party apps are more polished than what you find in the Play Store for Android.

6. There are more paid apps for iPhones than for Android, but there are also fewer ads

Although the essential apps everyone uses are free on both platforms, when you get out of this bubble, you find that more apps in the App Store are paid, compared to Android. That is probably because Apple's audience is considered to be more willing to spend money on apps than Google's audience.

However, that also means that the apps for iOS are usually less filled with ads. On my iPhone, I had to adjust to paying some money for a few of the apps I was used to getting for free on Android.

7. The default iPhone apps that come with iOS are less advanced than the Google apps found on Android

Safari, Apple Maps, Photos, and Mail, are some of the few default apps that come on iPhone and are not as good as Google Chrome, Google Maps, Google Photos, or Gmail that are found on android.

The default apps that Google offers on Android tend to be more advanced. This impression probably depends on how much you are entrenched in Apple's or Google's ecosystem, and I have to admit that I still am a heavy user of Google's services.

8. Media files transfer from PC and mac to smartphone

Transferring files from Android to PC is quite easiest because you will just need to connect your android cable and select transfer of files and that's all. But with iPhone is a whole lot of story whereby you must install iTunes on your PC first of all before thinking of making any transfers.

However, if you just want to copy some photos from your iPhone to your Windows 10 PC, you can use the import feature offered by the Microsoft Photos app, or simply copy them using File Explorer. And for iPhone too are also costly as though to download the iTunes app, you will need data and also need to install an account before beginning transfer but on android, there are no charges because you just have to connect to the pc with the use of your android cable and then you just transfer.

9. There is no Back button on the iPhone

This is one of the first aspects that someone who uses iPhone must not have in mind "the Back Button". On the Android device, there is a back button and that is easily adaptable and easily used compared to iPhone devices whereby you must either return to the home screen or you will look for a back button on the iPhone screen. And this aspect always penalizes anyone who switches from android to iPhone devices.

10. iOS updates are a more regular, and better, than the ones you get on Android

On iPhone smartphones, some iOS updates make it faster, and even safer to use. But on android, the more you update your device, the more your device runs slower than before. Moreover, iPhones receive regular operating system updates directly from their manufacturer: Apple. On Android devices, you must wait and hope that your smartphone's manufacturer releases updates.

Android device manufacturers do not have a similar approach in this regard, and some Android smartphones barely receive updates, or they receive updates for a much smaller time period than iPhones do.

11. iPhones do not offer expandable storage

Android smartphones are a lot more open when it comes to hardware options. It is only normal to be so, as there are many Android device manufacturers and countless Android devices with various hardware configurations. Most Android smartphones include a microSD card slot which you can use to expand their storage capacity.

Unfortunately, iPhones do not have microSD card slots, and you cannot add more storage to them. You have to be careful and choose to buy an iPhone with enough storage right from the start, as you will be stuck with it later.

12. The iPhone batteries tend to have a smaller capacity

The batteries used on iPhones are usually smaller than the ones you find on similar Android smartphones. Although Apple uses advanced hardware and software optimizations to enhance battery life, iPhones still lag behind Android devices in this regard. Even more, it looks like the last few generations of iPhones, after iPhone 6, have some issues with their batteries.

After a year or so, they start failing rapidly and need to be replaced. My personal opinion is that Apple wanted to make thinner batteries so that the iPhones could be thinner, and during that process, it decided to use weaker batteries. Beautiful design but poor battery life.

13. iPhones keep their resale value longer

The sale value of an iPhone rarely goes down drastically like android devices. If you buy an iPhone for a certain price, the next time you will go to see the device, the price will normally decrease but not too much, and the value of the device remains. On the other side, the price of android devices reduce very fast at a very high rate.

Looking like a device bought for 50k the next time you want to go checkout the device after a short while, the price can reduce to up to 35k that you cannot see on iPhone devices.

14. iPhone smartphones are usually very much complicated to use compared to android devices. That's why most people always use android phones first before turning to change their minds and drifting to the apple world

15. Dual-sim

If you have two sim cards, then the apple world is not a welcome name to you. Except if you will drop one sim card and maintain one, or if you will use one of the sim cards in your modem.

If not this, Android devices are made with dual-sims like Tecno devices, Itel devices... though there are some like Samsung devices and some Sony Experia devices which have one sim ports. But for iPhones, they are all just a single sim cards for them and you won't put two sim cards in the iPhone devices.

These are some few differences made between iPhone devices and android devices. And so, you have to learn from these differences to know how to buy your devices. And note that, if you are not a very smart person the Android world will be better for you because android devices are less complicated to manipulate than iPhone devices.

Conclusion on some things to differentiate between android phones and iPhones

From  this ends our differences raised between iPhone and android devices. Don't forget to join us on our telegram channel and in our Facebook chat group and receive more updates from our articles

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