The Best Platforms to Sell Gift Cards Online for Cash Instantly

sell gift card for cash

If the gift cards are for places you use frequently, they make an awesome gift. Gift cards, on the other hand, are useless if they are for stores that you cannot visit. You can sell unwanted gift cards for cash online if you have a large number of them.

You may trade gift cards for cash online in a variety of ways. We've compiled a list of sites and apps where you can sell your unused gift cards. You can also sell a gift card for cash online with a fast PayPal payout, or sell gift cards for Bitcoin.

You'll learn how to sell gift cards for cash, where to sell gift cards for cash, and how to keep your unused gift cards safe in the sections below.

How to Sell Gift Cards Online for Cash

Every year, nearly $1 billion in unused gift cards are thrown away. This is because gift cards have become quite popular as a method to offer gifts to employees, colleagues, friends, and family, especially during the holidays. The average American possesses $116 in gift cards that have never been spent.

Restaurants, department stores, prepaid cards (Visa/Master Card/American Express/Discover Gift Card), online stores such as Amazon gift cards, coffee shops, and entertainment are the most popular types of gift cards.

It's not as tough as you might imagine to sell gift cards. Finding a great service that allows you to sell gift cards electronically is the most challenging component of selling gift cards.

You'll be able to sell your gift card once you've found your site.

You won't get the full value of the gift card, but it'll be better than letting the gift card expire.

What is a Gift card and how does it work?

A gift card is a prepaid stored-value money card that can be used to make purchases in a specific store or at related businesses instead of cash. A store or a bank frequently provides it. Gift cards can also be distributed as incentives or gifts by employers and clubs. Because they are offered by merchants and marketers as part of a marketing campaign to convince the receiver to come in or return to the store, they are frequently referred to as cash cards.

Gift cards are usually only good for purchases at the specified retail location, cannot be cashed in, and may have an expiration date or penalties. American Express, MasterCard, and Visa all provide generic gift cards that do not have to be used at specific stores and are widely used for cashback marketing. When the stored value on the card is expired, these cards are generally unrecognizable and thrown.

A gift card may be designed to resemble a credit card or may include a unique theme on a credit card-sized plastic card. Because the card is identified by a unique number or code rather than a person's name, anyone can use it. An online electronic authorization process backs them up. Some gift cards can be refilled with funds and used multiple times.

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If you wanna sell your gift cards online, then the following things we have listed,
you have to consider them first of all before making any step ahead.

  1. It's also acceptable to sell partially used gift cards online right away, and if possible, trade a gift card rather than sell it.
  2. To save money on shipping, sell gift cards online instead of in person.
  3. Finally, because gift cards do not have an expiration date, you can sell it whenever you choose.

How can you get cash from a gift card?

Posting and selling your gift card is a straightforward process. Simply follow these easy instructions.

  • Give the name of the gift card's manufacturer(Gift card brand).
  • Give the balance of the gift card.
  • Please send the card number and pin.
  • Decide on a selling price.

Verification takes place immediately after you provide the above information. After the service has validated your information for a brief time, the listing will go live. Within 24-48 hours, the card is usually sold. After a sale, the majority of online marketplaces convert physical gift cards to digital gift cards and transmit the card balance to the buyer.

Best Platforms to Sell Gift Cards Online for Cash Instantly

Well with these in mind, then you can now get to know the best ways you can sell your gift card and cash in on your unwanted gift cards rather than letting them expire. And these ways are;

1. Sell gift cards online direct deposit

You may sell unwanted gift cards on a number of websites. A gift card, on the other hand, is frequently sold for less than its face value. All you have to do is enter your card's merchant and then search for the best deal. The cost of the card is determined by its popularity. Different gift cards have different selling procedures.

We've put up a list of marketplaces where you may sell your gift card. You should be aware that most online gift card exchange sites charge a small fee or commission. As a result, you might wish to check into selling your gift card locally. Checkout below some of the best platforms that you can sell your gift cards online.

$ CardCash

CardCash is one of our grab site for selling gift cards quickly. CardCash now provides the widest assortment of discounted gift cards on the market. Most gift cards pay up to 92 percent of their face value, but the "Sell" Page can tell you how much yours is worth.

CardCash is our favorite because there is no significant seller fee. Instead, a minor verification fee is charged. This makes CardCash a lot more cost-effective platform for vendors, and you can get your money faster.

$ Craigslist

You may also sell your card locally by posting it on Craigslist or another local selling app like Letgo. This option may be the best choice for gift cards to local establishments that aren't featured on the other gift card balances. It's advisable to meet at a nearby establishment to verify the amount before the customer pays for the card when selling locally.

$ Raise

Raise is a gift card marketplace where you can sell and buy gift cards. When you sell your unused gift card, the platform allows you to collect payments via direct deposit, PayPal, or check. For example, your unused $100 JCPenney gift card could be worth $90.16.

To sell your gift card using Raise, follow these simple steps:

  1. To begin, go to the Sell Gift Cards page and choose a shop.
  2. Then fill in the specifics of your gift card, such as the value and serial number.
  3. The selling price will then be calculated automatically based on similar listings. You can, however, ignore the recommendation and choose your own price.
  4. Finally, the Raise team will review your listing within 24-72 hours of submission before publishing it.

Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny is one of the greatest and most convenient locations to sell gift cards online. You have the ability to compare costs from other customers. A gift card in high demand might be worth up to 92 percent of its face value. All you have to do now is pick: You can sell it now, set your own price, or trade it in. If you need money right away, choose Sell It Now and you'll receive a cash payment via PayPal or direct deposit.

You can utilize your remaining money on Amazon using Gift Card Granny. You can load the remaining balance on your gift card into your Amazon account regardless of how much money is left on it.


GiftCash allows you to turn unwanted gift cards into cash, which you can then spend as you choose. You may quickly exchange gift cards for cash with this service.

$ Prepaid2Cash

Consumers can use Prepaid2Cash to exchange their gift cards for cash or cryptocurrencies. To use the platform, go to the iTunes App Store or Google Play and download the Prepaid2Cash app, join up, and begin your transaction. You will get your payment in your bank account in 2-3 business days after verifying your gift card information and submitting your transaction.

You can get up to 92 percent of the gift card value with Prepaid2Cash, however the actual conversion rate varies depending on the gift card brand. They will present you with an offer on the Prepaid2Cash app once the balance on your card has been verified.

$ ClipKard

ClipKard will buy almost any gift card available. All you have to do now is enter some card information. They'll make you an offer depending on the retail value and brand of the item.

You can send your cards using one of two options. ClipKard will cover the cost of delivery if you choose USPS First Class! Finally, it's up to you to send the cards out.

Payment can be sent directly to a Paypal account the next day or via mail with a check. It is entirely up to you how you get compensated. You can not only profit from gift cards, but you can also receive ClipKard rewards!

If you have gift cards from any of the following companies, ClipKard is an amazing option. They are;

  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • CVS
  • Store Disney
  • Dunkin' Donuts Domino's
  • Gap
  • Hollister
  • JCPenney
  • Kohl’s
  • Macy’s
  • Marriott
  • Starbucks
  • Subway
  • Victoria's Secret
  • Walmart

$ Cash4GiftCardAmerica

You may sell gift cards right away and get money in your account in less than an hour with Cash4GiftCardAmerica. You may sell gift cards for Cash App balance on this website. You can also exchange gift cards for PayPal and Zelle balances.

$ Gift Deals

This site has a large selection of gift cards to choose from and the cheapest prices. Furthermore, their procedure is straightforward and simple to comprehend.

Simply enter your gift card details to receive an offer for how much the site is willing to pay for it.

Alternatively, you can choose a price for your card. You can then accept or decline the offer, and after the transaction is completed, you will be paid.

$ GameFlip

GameFlip bills itself as "the safest way to sell gift cards for cash" – a bold claim, but one that just about holds cheval. GameFlip secures buyer payments and takes extra efforts to ensure there's no funny business to protect you from fraud and cashback.

You'll get your money fast as well (usually within a few days).

GameFlip, like Raise, features a mobile app where you can list your gift card and make the exchange process as simple as possible.

$ eBay

You can always sell your gift cards on eBay if all else fails.

The issue with eBay is that the value of your gift card will be significantly lower than it would be on other sites.

Furthermore, this site offers no further security. If you have a unique gift card that you can't sell on the other sites, eBay may be your only choice.

Other Platforms

These are not all about the platforms where you can convert or sell gift card for cash. some other ones are;

  • QuickCashMi
  • Pls247
  • Monstergiftcard
  • CardKangaroo
  • BuyBackWorld
  • Card Yard

2. Sell or Trade Gift Card For Bitcoin

Is it possible to exchange a gift card for cryptocurrency? Yes, especially if you wish to invest in Bitcoin, you can sell gift cards for Bitcoin.

There are several platforms that can provide this option for your but Prepaid2Cash, Paxful, and Purse are the best platforms to trade gift cards for Bitcoin. Redeeem, a peer-to-peer exchange that lets you buy, sell, and trade digital items for bitcoin and other supported cryptocurrencies, is another platform where you can sell gift cards for Bitcoin instantaneously.

Visit any of the platforms we have named and you will be given the option to be able to trade your gift card for Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency in a general notice.

3. Sell gift cards for PayPal instantly (Gift card to Paypal)

Gift Card Granny, CardCash, and Cash4GiftCardsAmerica are three sites where you may sell gift cards for PayPal money. Your funds will normally be deposited into your PayPal account within one business day. You can swap as many gift cards as you'd like at the same time. Depending on the demand for the gift card, rates for gift card exchange value can vary from company to company.

Converting a gift card to PayPal? How?

Well to show you this, we will be using CardCash as an example to show you how you can convert your gift card to paypal. To do so, simply go to CardCash and follow the steps to sell gift cards for PayPal instantly. If an offer is available, the amount available for PayPal card exchange will be displayed.

  1. Click GET OFFER after entering the merchant's name and the balance on your gift card. If an offer is available, the amount of PayPal balance you may swap for this gift card will be displayed.
  2. Simply enter the information below and click ADD CARD to add another gift card.
  3. Click Continue if you accept the swap offer.
  4. Connect with PayPal after entering your gift card number and PIN.
  5. Log into your PayPal account, complete the needed fields, and then click Get my PayPal Balance.

4. Give the gift card Back to the Retailer.

Giving the merchant your gift card is one of the better ways to obtain your money, but most retailers make the procedure excessively difficult. They dissuade people from using this choice in a variety of ways. Understand the issuer's return policy before returning a gift card, or ask the person who gave you the gift to assist you with the receipt. If you return a gift card to a merchant, you'll have the following alternatives.

  • The merchant will swap the gift card for a lower value than it originally had.
  • When returning the gift card, you must bring the purchase receipt with you.
  • You may be eligible for an in-store credit from the shop. The drawback is that you will have to shop at their stores.

The Pros and Cons of Converting gift Cards online

There are a few different sites to chose from when it comes to selling gift cards. Before deciding on one, conduct your study because each platform has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Before you sell your gift cards online, bear the following points in mind:

Benefits or Pros:

  • Many sites provide free listings.
  • It's a simple process; all you have to do is fill out some forms and wait for an offer.
  • Receive payment through PayPal or direct deposit.

Limitations or Cons

  • Because each site has various charges, you should compare them before selling.
  • Payout options such as PayPal and direct deposit are not available on all platforms.
  • Finding the appropriate buyer can take some time.
  • Some buyers may need a minimum card value before purchasing.

These are just a few of the advantages and disadvantages to consider.

You may always do more research before choosing on the finest site for selling your gift cards online!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) on How to Get Cash for Gift Cards Online

#1. How Can I Avoid Gift Card Selling Scams

Fake gift cards are a problem with a lot of gift card selling websites.

Always attempt to stick with a trustworthy selling site that gives a money-back guarantee to avoid gift card selling scams. For example, Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist do not provide such assurances.

In contrast, the sites listed above are trustworthy and can help you avoid scams.

#2. How Can I Exchange Gift Cards for Cash?

To swap your unused gift cards for cash, you have two major alternatives.

  1. The first step is to return it to the store. However, this strategy is fraught with complications. To begin with, not all merchants accept returns, and those that do will ask for your receipt.
  2. You can, on the other hand, sell your gift cards online for cash, which is a lot more convenient option. This post will show you the top 9 websites where you can offer your unused gift cards and receive fast cash. Let's get started!

Nevertheless, you can still return to the top of this page and restart reading as we have provided all these means and all the necessary ways by which you can exchange your gift card for cash online and with the retailer.

#3. What are the Best type of gift cards to sell online?

Gift cards come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they may be used in a variety of retailers and restaurants.

The most common are those that can be used in the grocery shop, although there are others as well:

  • AMC or Regal Cinemas are examples of entertainment stores.
  • Local eateries and fast food franchises
  • Prepaid cards and cell phone providers

You can sell your gift cards in bulk or individually, so do your homework before putting them on the market.

#4. What are the restrictions on the gift card?

There are some gift cards that contain limitations on how they can be sold. Some may only enable you to sell them back to the place where you first bought them. Others may have a lesser value than the card's original value.

#5. How long does it take to sell my gift cards?

Most platforms will examine your offer and send the amount into your account in less than 24 hours. It may take longer than this if you're selling a large number of cards.

#6. How do I receive my payment for the gift card?

The money will be transferred into your PayPal or bank account once you accept the offer and the card amount and validity are verified.

A physical check can also be mailed to you.

Last Thoughts on Websites To Sell Gift Cards Online For Cash Instantly in 2022

Today in this article, we have been talking and showing you how you can sell gift cards online for cash. And we gave four main methods that you can use to sell or trade you gift cards online. They are; Selling via other sites; Selling or converting via Paypal; Trading with cryptocurrency(Bitcoin); and Trading at the retailer's shop. You can review these four methods and know how you can easily trade your gift card online.

But with all that, if you has a good time and this was helpful, then you can share this article to some of your friends that you think will need them and then join us on our telegram channel for more updates and more articles as such.

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