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How to get free Virtual Credit Cards in the US in 2024

How to get free Virtual Credit Cards in the US
Free Virtual Credit cards in the US

The World has become very much digital and with a lot of transformations done in several aspects of life, Online banking has also been touched. As our physical brick and mortar banks delayed to turn their platforms digital, third party apps took advantage to involve inline banking with online sites or application put in place to carry out tasks that our banks could do for us.

Also, to do some transactions, you must get some physical contacts either with someone or with something for your transactions including send and receiving money, buying and selling stuffs, and many others and this is where Virtual Credit cards come in play.

Virtual credit cards came to switch off this burden of forcefully going to your bank to withdraw money, and then go to a supermarket to purchase a good. This is because there are several online platforms put in place that one can use and create a virtual credit card, the just send some money from his account online from home, and then purchase a good online via online shops.

And if you have been wondering how you can get this virtual credit card, then this article will help you and show you some steps you can use and get a free virtual Credit card for US citizens.

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How to get free Virtual Credit Cards

What is a Virtual Credit Card?

A virtual credit card is basically a card that one can use for transactions online that does not actually match his or her actual credit or debit card

Virtual Credit cards are more secure and safe when dealing with online transactions. They can also be seen as the free prepaid credit cards one gets during holidays. The VCC does not carry any personal details dat can match you. So, if the card was hacked, then none of your personal information will be at risk of being exposed.

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How to get free Virtual Credit Cards in the US using

Step One: Creating account

The first thing will be to create a account so you can be able to easily create your first virtual credit card. So, just go to the website platform and create and account. Make sure you confirm your email address before starting a creation of your virtual credit card.

Step two: creating new card

After you have created your account, then you are good to go. You will see right there on your screen as a tab on the top left of your page written "New Card". You will just click on it there and it will take you to the next page as seen below.

getting free virtual credit cards in the US

Step three: Add Card Nickname

Here, as it has been shown above, create a nickname for your card. This nickname is considered like a name given to what you want your credit to be used for. Example, in the credit card I am creating, I want to use it for my Netflix subscriptions so I will give it the Nickname "Netflix". As shown below

How to get free Virtual Credit Cards in the US

Step four: Subscription limit

Same as you chose the nickname, chose the subscription limit depending on which card you want to use. For example, The Virtual credit card I am creating above, is a Netflix virtual credit card, so the subscription limit will be one month and I will also put the highest transaction limit which is about 10 dollars per month. See all of it as shown in the picture below.

How to get free Virtual Credit Cards in the US

The subscription I have taken above is for the Virtual credit card to spend only maximum 10 dollars per month. You are to choose yours depending on what you want from your credit card.

Step Five: Card creation

After all these steps, you will just need to create your card and work with it.

How to get free Virtual Credit Cards in the US

After these steps, you will tap on "create card". After you have tap on it, you will be provided with a card called as you chose your nickname, an Expiry date will be seen, and the three digit code also seen that you will use in the transactions you will need.

Note: There is a very important aspect about that you will not see in most Virtual credit cards creation platforms. This option is that in, you can pause your credit card and unpause it. That is, you can render it inactive by just taping on pause and for that period, your virtual credit card will be inactive and you will just have to unpause it when you will want to use it next time.

How to get free Virtual Credit Cards in the US

What if you will like to use your card for a one time transaction? This one was a credit card for subscriptions. So what if you are in an unknown site and need just that one transaction.

The only thing you will have to do is to create another card, but while you reach the spend limit, just put it at the amount you will want to spend and click on single use so that you can use it just once. Then your card will be created for just a single use.

Who should get to these virtual credit cards?

Those with a lot of subscriptions should go in for Virtual Credit cards because in the platform, one can create more than 20 credit cards and you will just need but to manage it.

Why Do people prefer using virtual credit cards?

Security: The Virtual Credit Card(VCC) is secured as such that when a VCC is obtained, no information about the owner of the card is at risk; example if one wants to visit a site or any online stuff to purchase something from there and is not sure of the informations coming from that site or platform, then a VCC is the best thing to use for those purchases because all your informations on your actual bank account or actual credit card are safe from hackers and intruders.

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Managing subscriptions: There are a lot of subscriptions one involves himself in; subscriptions like Netflix, Spotify, Amazon... and when one subscribes to such subscriptions in his or her actual bank card, you might find your self getting some cut offs even when you don't want the subscriptions. So, VCC are the best to help you in such cases.

Final Thoughts on how to get a Free VCC in America

Now that we have come to the end, let's get a quick recapitulation. In this article, we showed you how to get a free virtual credit card in the US by defining, and explaining what a Virtual credit card is, and then showing all the steps you can use to go through this method.

And you can now get your free virtual credit card with

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