Does Zelle Accept or Work with Apple Pay?

Do you have cash in your Zelle and want to send it to Apple pay? In this article, we have shown you how to link and send money from Zelle to Apple pay
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 Money transfer apps let's you transfer money easily, cheaply, quickly, and safely. You can use money transfer apps to send money from one bank account to another, or from one online bank to another physical bank, or any other.

But money transfer apps, also called P2P apps are there to assist you at any time of your day since they work 24h/24 and every day. Meaning all you need will be an internet connection, and a device(smartphone, PC...) to be able to have access to an online bank or a P2P money transfer app.

With several money transfer apps that are outside right now like Cash App, Paypal, Zelle, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, and many others, they have all almost the same feature and which is to send, receive and temporarily store cash. Zelle though is more unique with it's unique feature of sending money between banks for a very least fee or for no fee at all.

Many people or many banks do recommend their users to use Zelle for it's amazing feature and you can learn more about Zelle by checking how ZellePay Works. Also, you will also see a unique platform like Apple Pay that is every apple user's friend and that you can use apple pay to pay quickly at any shop, mall, store or for any purchase whether online or physical.

And so, with these two platforms: Zelle/Apple Pay, how do these two platforms relate if you want to use them together then? How can you send money from Zelle to Apple Pay? How can I send money from Apple Pay to Zelle?

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In this article, we will be showing you everything you should easily know about these two platforms, and how you can easily relate them and send money between them.

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How to Send Money from Zelle to Apple Pay and Apple pay to Zelle

Zelle Vs Apple Pay

Zelle and Apple Pay have similar features though they have some exceptions, since they are money transfer apps. Money transfer apps first of all are apps that are used to send money from one account to another account and with less fee.

Though they are similar, the exceptions are make them again very different. Let's take for example, you left your wallet at home and you are in the market and you see this very nice good that you will love to buy. You have no cash on you apart from your Apple pay wallet. That saves you, since you can pay at restaurants, shopping malls, shops, stores, or anywhere with Apple pay.

There is only one thing to do just get your good, then pay via Apple pay. Apple pay, since linked to your bank account, will just send the cash one time from your linked bank account to the shop's account and that will be all.

For Zelle on the other hand, their main feature is to link several banks together. They can also be called a middleman Account. After linking for example your Chase bank, and your Wells Fargo bank, you can easily send money from the former to the Latter using Zelle and you will do all of that for free.

But the question now rises that Can I send money from Zelle to Apple pay? Can you send money from Zelle to Apple pay? They are amazing platforms and that is why people do want to use them for money transfers.

Zelle And Apple Pay money transfers

Zelle and Apple pay cannot relate to each other. You might have cash in your Zelle account and want it easily accessible by your Apple pay so that you can purchase your things online or in the shop; You cannot do a direct transfer from one to the other.

You will have to use an intermediate platform and it will be your bank account. We said that when money is in your bank account, then apple pay will be able to access the cash after you have linked the two platforms.

And so, for this to go through, there are three main things you have to do and they are;

  1. Link your Zelle to your bank account
  2. Send money from Zelle to your Bank Account
  3. And finally link Apple pay to the same bank account.

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Once you have done these three methods, you will be able to use the cash which is in your bank account on Apple pay. But you can also decide to send it the other way round which will be to send money from Apple pay to bank account, from bank account then to Zelle pay.

And so, this is how to do it;

1. How to Link Zelle to Bank Account

To link your Zelle to your bank account,

  • Open your Zelle app and then the Settings icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Select your Account and then choose " Link Bank"
  • Then follow the on screen instructions to link any bank.

Take note that Zelle has a limitation which is that they don't accept any bank other than US-banks. That is only banks based in the Us territory will Zelle Accept.

2. How To Send Money from Zelle to Bank Account

To send money from Zelle to bank Account, you should;

  • First of all go to your Zelle account and then go to "Send Money"
  • After that, fill in the receiver's informations(your bank credentials)
  • Then choose the amount to send and then send the money.

After that you will receive the cash in your bank account. But you should know that this method is very easy when your Zelle and your bank account are linked together.

3. How to Link Apple Pay to Bank Account.

Now that you have the cash in your bank account, you have to make sure your Apple Pay is enrolled with the same bank account that you sent money to. This is how to enroll your Apple pay.

On your iPhone, go to the wallet app, press Add credit or debit card(your bank's credit or debit card) or the "+" symbol in the top right corner of the screen, and then select Continue. The next step is to link your card by manually entering the information or by quickly taking a picture of your card and manually entering the remaining details.

On your iPad, it is almost similar to your iPhone except that you must go to your settings. To add your card(your bank card), go to your settings, click on Wallet & Apple Pay, and then select Add Credit or Debit Card or the "+" sign in the top right corner of your screen.

You will then need to follow the final screen's instructions exactly as you would on your iPhone, and setting up Apple Pay on your iPad will be complete.

Once this is done, you will be able to use your Apple cash anywhere at any shop that accept apple pay.

How to Pay for a Good with Apple pay

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A. Pay with Finger Print on iPhone

  1. Place your finger on Touch ID to rest.
  2. When you see Done and a checkmark on the screen, hold the top of your iPhone close to the card reader.

B. Pay with Face ID on iPhone

  1. Click the side button twice.
  2. When your default card shows, either enter your passcode or quickly glance at your iPhone to confirm with Face ID.
  3. When you see Done and a checkmark on the screen, hold the top of your iPhone close to the card reader.

Final thoughts on how to send money from Zelle to Apple Pay

Many people want to have cash to buy a good while at the shop and at times you might be short of money and a last hope comes up to assist you. May be this day Zelle was your last hope and how had to send the money to your Apple pay before using it for payment.

Well, in this article, we've shown you how to link your Zelle and Apple pay to the same account, how to use them and send money from Zelle to bank account so that you can use the cash while in your bank account. You can do that easily, and then easily also pay with Apple pay at the shop or anywhere you need it.

Some FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions) on Zelle and Apple pay

Checkout some of these questions and answers below;

Can You Connect Zelle to Multiple Bank Accounts?

As you are aware, many people have multiple bank accounts, so the ability to use a few with Zelle would definitely be quite helpful. Unfortunately, Zelle does not support this feature at this time. Additionally, your bank chooses which of your accounts are initially eligible for Zelle registration. Additionally, it's crucial to remember that Zelle does not accept credit cards. Only debit cards from Visa or Mastercard can be used to enroll.

Who can I send money to with Zelle?

You can send money to anyone with Zelle but this will be very true only when some conditions are met; The sender or receiver has Zelle; The bank is a US based bank. And also, Zelle should accept that account receiving the money.

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