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How To Get Money Back From Venmo If Scammed in 2024

Have you been a victim on Venmo scams recently? In this article, learn how to bypass that and how to regain your cash back.
common venmo scams

Online Banks have taken over payments right now with their very good Features and amazing easy to use platforms. The Main reason why many people prefer online banks over Physical banks or traditional Banks is that with Online banks, you can access your account at any time you want and you can also do any transaction at anytime.

That's to say that Online banks are always open 24/7. And with these numerous online banks, there are a lot of priorities many people do choose since not all online banks are good to use. With some of the Best namely, Paypal, Chime, Venmo, Cash App, and many others.

One of the main reasons why they are at the top of this long list is due to the limited scams they receive or due to the security measures they assure their users.

But scamming is something that these online thieves will never stop and will always bring up a new method to steal from people's account. Now the question is that how do I stop or limit scamming in my online bank account? And what if I'm scammed? How can I get my money back if I'm scammed?

Well, these are just a few questions that people ask recently and in this article, we will answer some of these questions and provide to you information on what you can do if Scammed, the different types of scamming method on Venmo and how to avoid them.

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How To Get Money Back On Venmo If Scammed in 2024

Venmo is a top payment app that you can use to quickly pay for purchases or pay back friends and family members. Sending money to others is cost-free whether using your Venmo balance, checking account, or debit card to make a payment.

Unfortunately, as this program has grown in popularity, scammers have started to target it. They steal money from other people using apps like these, and if you become a victim of a scam, it could be difficult to get your money back.

Saying it is difficult does not mean you can't get your money back. The best thing to do when scammed is that you contact the Venmo Customer care at [email protected] and table your request. It is not sure your money will be refunded but you'll have to work hand-in-hand with Venmo officials so that they can know if you are really a victim or not.

We all know some scammers can come up with methods so that the Venmo officials can send them money that is why Venmo always makes sure they are sure with the person requesting stolen cash or not.

So you will have to give enough reasons and very concrete reasons that will make them believe in you and refund your cash back.

When will I get my refund?

Refund policies of the online store where you made your purchase will determine when you can expect one. It may take 1 to 5 business days for us to complete the refund when the merchant sends it to us. Please contact the merchant if you have any inquiries concerning your refund.

Refunds are also often applied to the same payment method that you used to make the initial online transaction. Your refund may occasionally be paid to your Venmo account for a variety of causes. Go to your personal transactions feed under the "Me" tab, then touch on the specific purchase to see the payment method you used to make the initial online purchase.

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What are some Common Scams on Venmo and How do I Stop them?

Well, if you are a subscribe member of our Blog, then you'll know that one of the main policies we love here is that Prevention is always better than cure. That is to say that it is better you prevent your account from Scams rather than involving yourself into a scam before looking for a solution from there.

And the best Way to avoid a scam is to know their attacking techniques. If you know how they attack your account, then you'll know how to defend your account from them. Well, checkout these three main ways that scammers use to scam Venmo users and also see hw to hinder them.

1. A Money Transfer Error

A notification indicating you've gotten $100 that you weren't expecting appears on your Venmo account. You look into it and discover it's from a name you aren't familiar with. A few seconds later, you get a message from the sender asking you to refund the money because it was delivered to you mistakenly.

You respond, "Sure, I'll send back that brief windfall," and then you authorize a $100 transfer from your funds. The issue is right here, though.

The money you're paying back has been programmed to go to the scammer's real account, even if the scammer most likely used a stolen credit card to make the initial transaction. Therefore, instead of sending the money to the credit card owner, you sent it to the scammer.

Venmo will deduct the funds from your account in the event that the owner submits a fraud claim. You will forfeit both the $100 given to you and your $100 reimbursement if you send the transfer as asked.

What to Do? By not exchanging money with strangers and disabling accounts that either send you money or ask for it, you may protect yourself from falling for this scam.

However, do not return an odd Venmo payment that appears suspicious. Rather, speak with Venmo directly. They will handle reversing the charge on your behalf.

Avoid the temptation to send the money back personally since you risk losing your money if it is a fraud. It's advisable to follow the same procedures and contact the app directly for guidance on what to do next if this occurs on another payment app.

2. Fake Prize or Cash Reward

A text message or email with a link from a scammer may claim that you have won money via Venmo. The link might request that you sign into your Venmo account or provide account information.

What to Do? Never enter your Venmo log-in details anywhere other than the Venmo app and website. On social media, only give official Venmo accounts access to your account details. Additionally, Venmo will only email you from an account with the domain name ""

3. Call Pretending To Be Venmo

When attempting to log into your account, the scammer can run into Venmo's multi-factor authentication process.

A code given to the phone number listed on the Venmo account must be entered throughout this process. Then they will call you pretending to be from Venmo and want the code from you.

Other frequent versions include claiming to be from Venmo and requesting that you sign into the account they made for you or request that you send money to another Venmo account.

What to Do?

  • NEVER give anyone the verification code that was received to your phone. Under no circumstances will a Venmo agent ask you for this code.
  • Never will Venmo request remote access to your device.
  • You will never be prompted to install a third-party app by Venmo.
  • Never assume that Venmo will open an account for you.
  • You will never be instructed by Venmo to transfer funds from your account to another user's account on a different payment system.
  • To "verify" your account, Venmo will never request that you give funds.

4. Call Pretending To Be Tech Support

You try to call a well-known company's tech support number, but instead get a scammer's phone line. They might advise you to send money to another Venmo user in order to pay for their technical services.

What to Do?

Instead of using a search engine to look up a company's phone number, go directly to the company's website and click on the Contact page.

Remember that it is very uncommon for a business to demand cash in exchange for technical assistance. Because businesses want you to use their offerings, tech help is frequently provided without charge.

5. Buying a Product Online

A fraudster may attempt to get you to pay them first (either the entire or partial amount) while you're trying to use Venmo to purchase something and then fail to deliver what they had promised.

Items that are uncommon, well-liked, and difficult to locate are especially prone to this (like gaming consoles, shoes, concert tickets, mobile devices, and more)

In order to trick you into believing they have sent the goods when they haven't, a con artist may provide false tracking information or screenshots.

If you mark the payment as a purchase, they can ask you not to. Your payments for qualifying items will be protected by Purchase Protection when you tag a payment to a personal profile as a purchase, and you can get in touch with us if something goes wrong afterwards.

What to Do?

Only use a business account that has been approved by Venmo to make purchases from strangers, or only do so if you add the money to your personal Venmo profile as a purchase.

Under the "Pay" button on approved business accounts, it will indicate, "Eligible items covered by Purchase Protection."

Final Thoughts on How to avoid Venmo Scams

Scamming will never stop as long as banks are still open. And that is why avoiding Scams will always be the best solution to any online transaction.

If you are using Venmo, we hope this article will not just help you regain your money or cash, but we also hope that it will help you go all along and avoid any upcoming scams.

That is why we brought you some of the common Venmo scams and their solutions. We have provided 5 of them.

But you can also read some other ones in the Frequently Asked Questions Microdata. Read them and master their techniques so that you can be the boss of your account and make sure nothing bypasses you in your own account.

Some Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What are some other Venmo Scamming Methods?

  • A fraudster can offer you to transfer them a small sum of money in exchange for a larger sum later.
  • In order to pass for someone you know, a scammer may alter their username and profile photo.
  • Any new employment offer that asks you to transfer money from your bank account or Venmo account to someone else's account upfront or to onboard them.
  • A new landlord asks you to pay a rent deposit on a property even though they haven't given you the necessary documents, keys, etc.
  • Someone is putting you under pressure to send money by staging emergencies or other scenarios that need you to act quickly.
  • What to do if I receive an Unauthorized payment request?

    Please get in touch with Venmo officials if you discover an unauthorized charge on your account. They'll take the required actions to protect your account and file a complaint about the transaction.

    I’m not satisfied with my online purchase. Who do I contact?

    Please get in touch with the merchant first if you're unhappy with a purchase you made using Venmo through an authorized partner's app or website. They ought to be able to offer more assistance. Please get in touch with Venmo customer care if you can't resolve the issue with the company. Although a return is not always possible, but they will work with you to find a workable solution. The Venmo Purchase Program can apply to your purchases.

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