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How to Get Money Back From Paypal If Scammed

Are you a victim of a Scammer's tactic? Well, in this article, we have shown what to do when you are a victim of a Paypal scam and get your cash back
paypal scam

 With the increasing technology increase and the addition of several online banks, like Venmo, Zelle, Chime, Cash App, Paypal, and many others, it's not any doubt we are talking about scammers.

Scammers are very wise and are looking for new tricks everyday. Just like Scammers are found on Zelle, are found on Cash app, are found on Chime, and many others, they are also found on Paypal. As long as you are using an online bank, then you should be ready at any time that you can receive a scammer's alert in your mobile account.

Well, as the scammers bring out new techniques, financial institutions are not sleeping either there are many ways that have come up like; how to get your money back if scammed on cash app; and many other platforms. Paypal too has a lot of techniques to make sure their users are safe from con artists.

The fact that PayPal provides security against scammers contributes to its appeal as a payment processor. You can ask PayPal for a refund if you place a purchase but don't get the item.

Regrettably, refunds aren't always available through PayPal. And this is particularly troublesome because a lot of individuals utilize PayPal to make purchases, thinking that they are better protected than they actually are.

Well, in this article, we have brought some techniques to be able to get back your cash on Paypal if you are scammed. Just keep on with the reading and you will see these tips below;

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How to Get a Refund on Paypal if Scammed

Can I Get a Refund on Paypal?

When you use PayPal to make a purchase and it turns out to be a fraudulent transaction, PayPal frequently refunds your money. Unfortunately, this only occurs if specific requirements are met. Otherwise, using PayPal to pay is equivalent to paying with cash.

The first thing you should do if you think you've fallen victim to a scam is see if the payment is still pending. You can automatically get a refund by selecting "cancel payment" if the vendor hasn't already picked up the payment.

Naturally, dishonest vendors don't want you to do that and will frequently demand payment as soon as it becomes available.: How to Get Your Money Back From Paypal if Scammed

Before taking any further action, you should get in touch with the seller to see if the money has already been claimed. Sometimes a miscommunication is the cause of the issue. And unless you are certain that it is a fraud, you shouldn't actually contact PayPal.

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You will then have to contact PayPal if the merchant doesn't offer a refund. You should try using PayPal's Purchase Protection at this point.

Well, these are some steps to take if you have been Paypal Scammed;

How to Get Money Back on Paypal If Scammed

1. Pending Payments

Well, Paypal takes some time to complete purchases. You can be lucky that immediately after sending the money you realize; Ooops! that was not supposed to be done and you quickly return to the pending payment and click on cancel payment.

Canceling the payment will refund you all your cash and nothing will be sent to the vendor and you won't loose your money. But this works in very rare cases since Con artists are very swift especially in claiming cash. They have nothing doing other than stealing and scamming others so, they will always be nearby to confirm quick transactions.

If the transaction was already confirmed and you were late, don't rush to conclusion that its a scam since it could still be coincided that the person at the other end was online at the right moment. Since you are not rushing into conclusions, what should you do next?

2. Chat or discuss with the Merchant

At times, we usually just quickly rush to conclusions on almost everything. Sometimes, a wrong transaction can just happen and all you have to do is to chat with the person at the other end and he or she agrees and your money is back.

We should quickly not rush into conclusions and try to talk with the receiver first of all. Now you have to consider it a scam if you contact him or her and the merchant denies to refund the cash.

Now that the person has refused to refund my cash what should I do?

3. Contact the Paypal Team to assist you

It is quite true that Paypal is the best online transaction in refunding stolen cash, but does not mean they will easily accept any thing you say and refund.

They will have to work hand in hand with you and go right till the end. And if at the end they see you merit a refund, then you'll be refunded. If not, there will be nothing for you.

In contacting Paypal, you'll have to use the Paypal's purchase Protection to re-purchase your cash.

What is Paypal's Purchase Protection?

The transaction is protected by PayPal's Purchase Protection when you use the service to make a purchase. If the item you receive is considerably different from what was advertised or you don't receive the one you requested, PayPal will reimburse your money in accordance with this policy. All users are shielded from unauthorized charges by this policy as well.

This policy frequently offers a complete refund to con artists' victims. The issue is that PayPal evaluates each situation individually to see whether the policy is applicable.

If a fraud victim raises a disagreement, the merchant will typically provide an unprovable assertion. Additionally, PayPal doesn't always support the right side. This implies that PayPal might support the vendor and refuse to offer any aid, even if you are definitely the victim of a fraud.

How to use Paypal's Purchase Protection

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Open the Resolution Center.
  3. Select Report a Problem.
  4. Select the transaction that you want to dispute.
  5. Provide a reason for the dispute.
  6. Open a dispute.

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The seller will determine what happens next. You might be able to obtain your money back right away if they don't want to contest your request. In any other case, you must wait 20 days before a PayPal staff will review your claim and issue a decision.

You will be required to present evidence of what happened. Similar questions regarding the seller's version of events will be asked. After that, PayPal will decide whether you get your money back.

Even if it is called Purchase Protection, it is not only during a purchase that you can use this form. You can use it during any fraud transfer.

4. Get a Refund from your Bank Instead

It's not a given that you won't be able to get your money back if you submit a dispute with PayPal and don't get a refund. You can speak with your bank and try to submit a chargeback if you paid with a bank card through PayPal.

A chargeback is a request for a return of a bank card payment made by a bank. Unlike PayPal's Purchase Protection, all banks offer this service, which is totally independent of PayPal.

Banks are frequently able to issue refunds when a payment processor like PayPal declines to do so since they are considerably more likely to support their consumers in disputed transactions.

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Simply get in touch with your bank to request a chargeback. You must do this within 60 days, according to most banks.

Final Thoughts on How to Get Money Back From Scammer on Paypal

It's critical to get in touch with the seller to confirm your suspicions of fraud before filing a PayPal claim. You will typically receive your money returned from PayPal directly if the scam is clear.

If PayPal doesn't support you and your transaction was made with a bank card, you should then get in touch with your bank.

While it is commonly known that PayPal occasionally sides with sellers, the majority of banks are happy to issue a refund to any consumer who appears to be a valid one.

Some Frequently Asked Questions for Paypal How to Get Money Back If Scammed

How do I protect myself from Paypal Scams

PayPal is one of the more secure payment apps out there. But that doesn’t mean it’s always safe to use. Make sure you follow these best practices whenever you use PayPal: Check the sender’s email address. Look for signs of a phishing attack. Regularly check your credit report and bank statements Freeze your credit Consider signing up for identity theft protection.

How Do I Cancel a Pending Payment?

You can cancel a transaction and receive a refund if it is marked as "pending" (denoting that your payment hasn't yet been processed). Here's how to stop a pending payment: Visit the PayPal account summary page. Find the payment (it should say “pending” and “[user] hasn’t accepted yet”). Click “Cancel” under the payment and then “Cancel Payment."

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