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Free Unlimited Internet Trick For Airtel Tanzania 2021

Free Unlimited Internet access for Airtel Users that live in Tanzania. Free config file will the use of HTTP Custom

Tanzania free internet trick

Free Internet attracts many and will continue attracting many because the world goes digital as the days goes by and by. Android phones and iPhones have taken over the market from button phones. Our grandfathers used button phones or small phones but android phones and iPhones are now everywhere. And one will not ever want to use his or her smartphone without any internet connection in it.

Free Unlimited Internet Trick for Airtel Users in Tanzania

So today in this article, we are bringing to you this short tutorial or short article to provide to Airtel Users in Tanzania a free internet trick that will facilitate internet access for them.

What is Free Internet?

Free Internet is the ability to access the internet either on your PC, or smartphone either for free for a certain period of time. It can be Unlimitedly or limitedly

Unlimited when you browse without any restrictions and can even download very heavy files for a free cost. All this without any activation of a bundle or without any payment to anyone. Meanwhile Limited when you can easily browse the internet without any restrictions but have certain quantity of data at your disposal either for one day(usually) or for one month.

This gives us a clear difference between limited free internet and unlimited free internet in a way that there are no limits as the name says when dealing with Unlimited free Internet.

How to get to this free Internet connection

How we manage to get to this free internet is quite easy with the use of some tools. These tools are also called VPN platforms or softwares. VPN helps one to bypass some limitations one can get without the VPN. Also, VPN can also help hide anyone's IP address. Some of these VPN applications are; anony tun, SVL Injector, HTTP InjectorHA TunnelYour Freedom VPN, Droid VPN, HTTP Custom, and many others.

Free Limited Internet Trick for Airtel Users in Tanzania 2021

We have never posted an article on this type of internet trick(limited internet trick) and this is because many demand for unlimited internet trick. But that does not change the fact that the internet is still of free access. All you will have to do is to follow the procedure below and everything will be provided to you.


  • HTTP Custom Apk (Provided using the link below)
  • Necessary knowledge also provided below
  • Configuration file(provided below)


Step One: First things first is to make sure you have the necessary requirements above starting with the application in question(HTTP Custom VPN apk) to ease internet access. The link below brings you down to the application. You can download it and install it.

HTTP Custom SSH VPN.Apk 27MB

Step Two: After downloading it, you will also need the configuration file that has already been taken care of. All to do is to follow the link below and download the configuration file for Airtel Tanzania

Airtel Tanzania file.hc 6.77KB

Step Three: Make sure the sim card that makes you to have this free internet access is empty without any data connection in it. This will hinder the procedure and will make you think you browse for free whereas it is not the case.

Step Four: Upload the above configuration to your downloaded and installed application and then click on start to connect.

Step Five: Just persevere for a short while depending on how fast the network is and then you will be connected to the internet and free to enjoy.

Why is this configuration Limited?

This is because there a limited quantity of data at your disposal per day. The amount of data available here is 300MBs, has no password for access, that is free access.

Note that this configuration file has a certain validity and after this validity will no longer be available again. So join us on our telegram channel and get the frequent updates on our articles using the link below. This validity is a validity of SEVEN DAYS. After seven days starting from today, this configuration file won(t be available again.

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