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Best iOS Emulators for Low End PC RAMs 2024

Do you want to know what an iOS platform is while using your PC? Well, in this article, you will find five of the best iOS emulators for PCs.
ios emulator for pc

 Android and PCs are one of the most opened devices in this world especially when trying to compare them with iOS devices or mac.

Many people who own PCs know of many ways to use an android device on their PC especially with the very popular BlueStacks that we all know. And because of that, it has made linking our android and PCs very simple too.

If you are looking for a way to link and use your android apps on your PC, then you can checkout some android emulators for PCs. And on the same page, you can also look for iOS emulators for Android devices.

Well, if you are not into that, then you surely came for the iOS emulators for Low end PC RAMs. Just keep up with the reading and learn the best iOS emulators you can use on your PC this year.

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What are The Best iOS Emulators for PC Right Now?

There are several iOS Emulators for PCs right now. And in this article, we have brought out five of them to show you the five best iOS emulators.

Well, without any waste of time, Here are some of the best iOS emulators for PC:

1. iPadian:

This is one of the most popular and feature-rich iOS emulator for PC. It provides a close-to-real iOS experience on Windows PC.

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Using iPedian is amazing as an application, but it more considered as a simulator and not an emulator. iPedian gives you a clue of what the apple OS is all about and gives you a perfect difference between android OS and apple OS.

Well, iPedian is amazing also because of it's feature-rich platform. And you can install almost all iOS apps on iPedian except for the fact that iPedian should have already added it to it's achieves.

Note that you can't install any iOS app on iPedian. iPedian only allows apps that are designed for their platforms, that is why you can't install any application.

Well, apart from that, iPedian has also installed an AI feature that permits all it's users to create their own types of Logo, captivating images, personalized avatars, and engaging videos from text.

You can easily download iPedian for your PC following the link we have provided below. We won't advice that you use a third-party platform to download the app. Use the link below to go to their official page and download from there.

iPedian Download

2. Smartface:

This emulator is mainly used for developing iOS applications. It is also a great tool to test and run iOS apps on Windows PC.

With it's fluent and easy to use platform, you can have a clue of what iOS is while on your PC with the help of Smartface.

Well, You will mostly see coding on this platform since it is mainly used as an IDE to create and code iOS applications.


This emulator runs iOS apps and games directly from your web browser without requiring any extra software installation. does not require any download and is used directly from your web browser.

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Well, these are some key features. They are;

  • You can upload your app through our website or API, or directly use the platform from your browser.
  • has an extensive portfolio of high-profile clients.
  • It provides easy access to network traffic, debugs logs, and video recordings.
  • It allows you to track and audit usage by agents and fine-tune access controls and permissions.
  • You can view the remote device in action to quickly diagnose any problems.

4. Xamarin TestFlight:

This tool is used for testing and debugging iOS apps on Windows PC. They are also a platform mainly used for debugging and testing iOS applications with the use of the Visual Studio platform.

With a certain number of features like Home, Lock, Screenshot, and Settings, you will find this platform very easy to use. And with some amazing features too, you will be able to test or use any of your iOS applications here.

The Xamarin TestFlight features a variety of options such as rotate, shake, or invoke other states which will also make the interface favourable for you and to ease your use on your PC.

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And with that, you will be able to install all iOs applications here and they can also support a variety of devices like iPad, Mac, tvOS, watchOS, and iMessage.

5. Air iPhone:

This emulator creates a virtual iPhone on your Windows PC so that you can test and run iOS apps without having an iPhone.

Just like Xamarin TestFlight, you will be able to install and use any iOS application on this platform and make the iPhone World reachable while using your Windows PC.

You will also be able to install any games and play them on your PC since the platform permits testing and installations.

Note that using any iOS emulator for PC may not provide the same performance as running the apps natively on an iOS device.

Some Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is a Simulator?

A Simulator is a platform that gives you a clue of what another platform is. That is, if you have a PC, and you install a simulator for iOS, then you will be able to have a clue of what an iOS device is while using your PC. Majority of them usually come with all features to show you exactly what you want to know about that platform. An Emulator is different in that, it might not forcefully have all the features since it is just used to project one platform on another. And also, Simulators are usually very much powerful that emulators.

What is an Emulator?

An Emulator is a program or platform that is used to replicate another platform on a completely different device with new or completely different features. And emulator can be on your PC, iOS device, or android Device...

What is an iOS Emulator for PC?

An iOS emulator for PC on the other hand is an application or platform found or installed on the Windows PC, that replicates an iOS platform to be able to use all iOS features while on PC.

Above, we named some of the best iOS Emulators you will find in the world right now.

What are the best iOS emulators for Low End PC RAMs?

There are several of them in the world right now, but in this article, we spoke of five of them. They are;

  1. iPedian
  2. Smartface
  4. Xamarin TestFlight
  5. Air iPhone

Final Thoughts on the best iOS Emulators for PCs 2024

As time goes by, things keep improving, and now we have what we call emulators. Where you can have a Windows PC that has nothing to do with apple OS, but functioning with all apple OS features.

With these five iOS emulators for PCs that we have named above, you will find it easy to browse your iOS device on PC. As a quick recapitulation, we spoke of iPedian, Xamarin TestFlight,, Air iPhone, and Smartface as our top five for today.

But we won't hesitate to update you if the list changes it's order.

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