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How To Withdraw Money From Google Opinion Rewards

Use this article and learn how you can remove or withdraw your Google opinion rewards and get real cash.
Google rewards redeem

By answering survey questions, we can earn Google Play Credits through Google Opinion Rewards. Google Play gift cards can also be used to purchase Play Credits.

The credits are saved as Google Play balance, which can subsequently be used to purchase applications, games, movies, books, and just about anything else on the Google Play Store.

The Google Play balance can also be used to pay for subscriptions or unlock new features in Android games and apps via in-app purchases. It can also be used on YouTube to send super chats or join channels for further benefits.

Well, after hearing all of these benefits, you should want to engage yourself in Google Opinion rewards to answer surveys and earn money.

But has anyone ever told you that you can earn real cash from these rewards? Or have you ever thought of withdrawing your money earned in the google rewards platform?

Well, this is actually possible. Though Google does not provide a direct means of doing that, but it's very possible. Let's have a look at how we can transfer or redeem our Google Play money to our bank account.

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How To Redeem Money From Google Opinion Rewards

What is Google Opinion Rewards and how does it work?

Google Opinion Rewards is a Google-created incentive scheme. It was first released as a Google-developed survey mobile app for Android and iOS. Users can complete surveys and win incentives by using the app. Users earn Google Play credits on Android, which may be redeemed for premium apps on Google Play. PayPal is used to pay users on iOS.

Users above the age of 18 in the accessible countries are eligible. Google Opinion Rewards is integrated with Google Surveys; market researchers create the survey using Google Surveys, and app users respond using Google Opinion Rewards.

This method immediately offers surveyors with a huge pool of respondents. Because of concerns about the legitimacy of the results as well as the privacy and security of the app users' data, this "quick and easy" surveying approach has been questioned. With these questions being at the level of the privacy and security, and the validity of results.

The validity of results being the rewards earned, is meant to expire after 12 months, that is 1 year but for many people, and most of these people have complained, that theirs expired and disappeared about 2months before the final date of 1year. This has brought people questioning this platform.

While Google has been chastised for collecting data from users, such as with their Screenwise Meter, most people are aware that Google collects data for the purpose of improving their services. However, users are concerned that their data will be sold to and accessed by third parties who will use it for nefarious purposes such as spamming and targeted advertising.

One last thing that one should know about Google Opinion Rewards is that this platform is not available in all countries. Presently, it is available in about 34 countries with some of them being; Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, and Vietnam

Is Google Opinion Rewards Safe?

Apart from the fact that some people do question this platform, for the surveyee personal informations like name, address, date of birth and some other stuffs, and the validity of results, the Google Opinion Rewards app is a legit company that rewards people for participation in short surveys. As long as you're using the official app, it's legit.

How to Withdraw Funds from Google Opinion Rewards

You'll participate in market research surveys using Google Opinion Rewards. You are not required to respond to every survey you receive, and the frequency of surveys may vary. They'll give you Google Play credits in exchange.

To withdraw these rewards or credits, we will show you these two ways. But these two ways will obviously include Using your Bank Account and also your Paypal account for withdrawal. We will start with the simplest method.

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Method I: Withdrawal on Google Play Store

You'll be prompted to link your Google payment profile throughout the setup procedure so that the Google Play credits can be applied immediately to your account. You'll get a notification for your first paid survey after you complete the initial set of demographic questions and go through the survey instruction.

Following your completion of the survey, you will be directed to a confirmation page that will validate the amount of credit transferred to your Google payment profile. You can use your credit to shop directly from the Google Play store or by hitting the "Play Store" button on the main screen of the mobile app.

Note That: To successfully transfer the credits, make sure you're logged in with the same Google Play login credentials as you used with your Opinion Rewards App and Google payment profile.

Once you get the cash in your Play Store, you can then withdraw from Play store. Read more Below.

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Well this is a quite quick and secured method but not surely for everyone since not everyone must have linked the two accounts during creation of his or her opinion rewards app. But you can still have to withdraw from Paypal directly.

Method II: Redeem Google Opinion Rewards on Paypal

Paypal is a one of the largest transfer platforms in the world and was put in place for these transfers. And seeing paypal in this list today should not be any surprise since they are amongst the dominating transfer platforms in the world right now.

To transfer or Redeem your Google opinion rewards on Paypal, you will just have to follow the link below and learn more about sending google opinion rewards to Paypal.

MORE AT: How to Transfer Google Opinion Rewards to Paypal

Are you still not convinced with these two methods, let's find out the best method on the list which will need you to transfer your rewards to Paypal, or Bank account and withdraw you credits as cash in your bank account.

Method III: Redeem Google Opinion Rewards in Bank Account

Although Google does not provide a direct method of transferring Google Play Balance to a bank account, there are a number of third-party apps that will do so for you for a minor fee of 10% in most cases.

We'll be using the "Taski Opinion Rewards Converter" App as an example in this lesson. There are, however, a plethora of other apps on the Play Store that do the same function, and you are welcome to use any of them.

You can find a multitude of such apps on the Play Store by searching for terms such as "google play balance redeem," "google play credits redeem," "google opinion rewards redeem," and other similar terms.

Nevertheless, without having to talk too much, let's get started with this method.

Step One: The first step will be to install "Taski Opinion Rewards Converter" from Play store.

Step Two: After installation, sign up into the app which is quite simple. Just fill in the required informations and then Register into the platform.

Step Three: Simply buy a token equal to the amount of Google Play Balance/Credits or Opinion Rewards you want to send to your bank account or virtual mobile wallet after you've registered.

The token will be purchased with your Google Play Balance / Google Opinion Rewards Balance. Then, when the payment is done you will receive an alert of a successful transaction.

Step Four: When the transaction is complete, tap the "CONVERT PURCHASED TOKENS" button that is shown on the alert. Then you'll be given the option to enter your bank account / mobile wallet information, which is essential for the transaction.

You will receive confirmation once the transfer request has been properly posted. The transfer normally takes 3-4 days to complete but can take up to a week to be completed.

And from here now, you should have your cash in your hands or in your bank account at your disposal.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) on how to withdraw google opinion rewards money

How much am I charged for withdrawing opinion rewards from my Google Account?

30% of the total balance you're about to send to your bank account is kept by Google. Typically, the transferring app keeps 10% of the transaction as their own commission. In most circumstances, after transferring the Google Play Balance to your bank account, you will receive 60% of the original amount.

How do I redeem my Play credits?

Following your completion of the survey, you will be directed to a confirmation page that will validate the amount of credit transferred to your Google payment profile. You can use your credit to shop directly from the Google Play store or by hitting the "Play Store" button on the main screen of the mobile app.

Why I didn't receive any credit after answering the survey?

You will not receive Google Play credits for some surveys, such as the initial setup questions. The purpose of these surveys is to assess the quality of respondents and to enhance the product. The best approach to ensure that you continue to receive rewards and surveys is to answer surveys honestly.

It may take a few days for credits to be applied to your account. Whether you get a prompt claiming there was a problem delivering the response, check to see if you have AdBlocker installed, then turn it off and restart the Opinion Rewards App.

Conclusion on how to redeem Google opinion Rewards

Google is one of the largest companies in the world presently and google have improved their company in adding several platforms for easy use by their users. Though with google opinion rewards, there is no direct way to remove opinion rewards and use it as cash.

For android users, theirs is sent to their Google Play store app to use for purchases on play store and for iPhone users, there is Paypal where at every $2, it is sent to their Paypal account.

Nevertheless, in this article, we have provided the best way for all users whether android or apple, to be able to withdraw their opinion rewards and use them as physical cash easily.

If this was useful, kindly share this article and let many others know how they can convert their opinion rewards into real cash.

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