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Steps to Remove/Clear Up Your ChexSystems Record

Having problems in getting a new checking account? Get the five Steps to Remove/Clear Up Your ChexSystems Record
clear chexsystems record

Creation of bank accounts have increased very much in recent days and with this, it is but usual that one or two gets to leave some poor traces in accounts.

Normally all transactions are usually recorded whether the sending, receiving, overdrafts, and any other transactions done with banks. And amongst these records, there could be some good and bad records and so, these bad records could be noted as ChexSystems.

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How to Clear Up Your ChexSystems Record

What is a Chexsystems Record?

ChexSystems is a consumer-reporting company that picks up all previous bad records in any previous checking account.

These records can hinder someone from creating a new account. ChexSystems reports include details regarding previous banking errors such as unpaid fees and frauded behaviors.

And so, in brief this is what we can conclude about chexsystems:

  • ChexSystems is a consumer credit reporting organization that gathers data about bank and credit union active and inactive deposit accounts.
  • It will be difficult to create a new bank account if you have a bad ChexSystems record.
  • ChexSystems monitor behaviors relating to deposit account concerns, such as bounced checks.
  • When you can't get a traditional bank account and or prepaid debit card, second chance checking accounts are options you can explore.

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What’s in a ChexSystems report?

As we said above, Chexsystem records gather up all informations about previous checking accounts and brings them up. And in these records, you will usually find the following; chexsystems report

  • Information that can be used to identify you, such as your name, Social Security number(SSN), and previous residences.
  • Negative balances that have not been paid, such as overdrafts or accounts that have been closed involuntarily
  • Any Fraud you did in the past will also show up.
  • Inquiries about your account or applications for new bank accounts
  • Unpaid dues or fees that have not yet been paid
  • Other records made available to the public

Chexsystem records keep records of the past five years though it may vary in some cases and extend up to six or seven years. Nevertheless, it is a record that will return to the past and bring up these records and it can hinder you from creating a new account.

How do ChexSystems work?

When you apply for a new account, the bank where you have applied, will request for your chexSystems records. That is, they will request for your previous account transactions and records and they will contain what we listed above.

And with these informations, they will know whether to accept your application for a new account, or deny your application.

That is why when you request for an account, the bank usually reviews before approving your request. If you have a previously bad record, then they won't approve your request.

Nevertheless, it is not requested only in the creation of a new checking account. It is also requested in;

  • Opening or Closing of Checking account
  • Check-writing history, including bounced or returned checks
  • Applications for new checking accounts

How can I get my ChexSystems report?

ChexSystems is required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act to give you with one free copy of your checking account report each year. Here are the different ways you can submit a request. You can simply click HERE and get all these options.

You can also request a free copy of a ChexSystems report that was used to refuse your application for a new account. After you've been denied, the bank or credit union must send you an "adverse action" notice with contact information for the company that submitted the report.

What to Do if listed in Chexsystems

May be not all might know that they are listed in the Chexsystem and you can either check buy hitting the link above, or you might also know only after a bank has denied you from getting another account after reviewing your chexsystems records.

Nevertheless, after reviewing that you have a poor record, if you feel it's not real, then you can request for a review which is still done online.

Sometimes this will be needless and you will be forced to look for other ways to clear your chexsystems record and that is why you will see below all the steps to be able to clear up your chexsystems records.

Five steps on How to Delete Chexsystems Records

Wanna delete or clear your past Chexsystems, then follow these five brief steps below. With these five steps, you will be able wipe off and make your chexsystems whole and clean again.

1. Request You Report

How will you know that you have a poor Chexsystem if you don't know how your record looks like? And so, the first thing to do is to request for your Chexsystem records and learn more about your chexsystems.

Get a copy of your ChexSystems report to figure out why a bank declined your application. The report includes a summary of specific accounts that have been canceled, as well as outstanding bills, bounced checks, and other information. Once every 12 months, you are entitled to a complimentary copy of your report.

And there are two main ways by which one can request for his or chexsystems. And these methods are;

  1. Visit the website and fill out the consumer disclosure form under the Request Reports section. Send it to Chex Systems Inc., Attn: Consumer Relations, 7805 Hudson Road, Suite 100, Woodbury, MN 55125, or submit it online.
  2. ChexSystems can be reached at 800-428-9623. (This is a voice messaging system that is automated). chexsystems customer service.

2. Dispute errors

Anyways after a good check, you should know what you did and what you did not do and you will be able to trace if you really did some bad things or not. And you can dispute every error they did with your chexsystems.

Gather supporting documentation, such as payment records or bank statements, if you locate information that you suspect is incorrect. Then go to the ChexSystems website's Dispute Information area and determine how you'll file your dispute:

You can contact them using these ways; chexsystems dispute

Online: The link above will direct you to a page where you will be provided a form where you can apply and provide them with the documents you have and prove them of your records.

By Fax or mail/ By Phone: You can contact them by phone via the number 800-513-7125 and chat with someone who will get all your informations. But this is only if you have already received a copy of your ChexSystems report. Or you can also send them via fax at 602-659-2197 after compiling all the necessary documents.

3. Pay Off Depths

One Never knows because this might be the cause of your poor chexsystems records and the best thing to do is that after you have disputed the error, then you will have to pay the full depths and then be clear of the tracks of the chexsystems.

4. Ask creditors to remove information

Request that the collection agency or other creditor update your ChexSystems file once you've settled your bills. Get written confirmation of the debt repayment and maintain hold of any receipts or other proof of payment.

Many received a receipt for payment after paying the agreed-upon sum and emailed it to ChexSystems. They claimed that the report they pulled revealed that the debt had been cleared.

5. Wait until the record drops off the database

What to say again apart from taking a comfortable seat and be free from all troubles. This is because if you truly had everything cleared off, then you will obviously receive a confirmation that your chexsystems record was cleared off.

Conclusion and Ending Remarks on the Steps to Delete your Chexsystems Record

Your bank refused your application to get a new checking account? Then you have to check your Chexsystems record and see if you are off the road.

But never mind because we have provided to you five steps on how you can clear up your chexsystems Record and be free to get an approval next time.

Know what to do if you are listed in the chexsystems record and know what a chexsystems record is and how they work.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How Long does it take to get out of chexsystems

Many people do get into the list and pray they are not inside this list. And this list is usually valid for a certain number of years and they are for Five(5) Years. Though it can vary in some cases and extend up, to Seven(7) years.

When do Banks report to chexsystems

Banks report to Chexsystems when one applies to open a new account. And so, if you request a new Checking account, then the bank will request your chexsystems report to know all previous records before accepting your application

How long does ChexSystems take to update?

You have the right to challenge any information that you believe is incorrect or wrong on your chexsystem. Investigations can take up to 30 days to be completed. If the report is correct and you owe some money, make your payment as soon as possible so as to clear up your poor records.

Can I see my chexsystems report online

Normally everyone can see his or her chexsystems online via the link we provided above. You can get back and review the link and get to know your chexsystems record. But this is available only once in 12 months.

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