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The Best Way to Root and unroot an Android Phone for Free

Android phone limited and not very accessible, get an easy way to root your android phone and use your android phone at it's maximum capacity
root an android Phone

Many people tend to go for rooting when their device becomes either slow or when it is overcharged. Rooting is not the best thing to do with your android device because it exploits all sectors of your phone and when your rooted phone gets a software problem, it might be very difficult to easily fix it.

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How to Root an Android Phone

What is Rooting a phone?

So the first things first will be to define what Rooting is. To root a phone is to modify it so that you can enjoy unrestricted access to the entire file system. This access allows for changes that aren't supported by the phone in its default state.

Is Rooting good?

Rooting your phone or tablet gives you complete control over the system, but honestly, the advantages are much less than they used to be.

As a matter of fact, the best answer to this question is "YES". A superuser, however, can really trash the system by installing the wrong app or making changes to system files. The security model of Android is also compromised when you have root.

Also, Rooting disables some of the built-in security features of the operating system, and those security features are part of what keeps the operating system safe and your data secure from exposure or corruption.

Many android devices adapt their software to be able to hinder rooting. And that alone is a very sufficient reason to understand that rooting is not good for your android device.

Refusing access from rooting your android device is quite good though some people will see it t be harsh. For that reason, we tried searching for the reasons why some of these manufacturers refuse access to rooting or that don't support users from rooting.

Reasons why manufacturers don't want users to root their android devices

One of the most simple we encountered during our research and is an easily known reason why the Phone manufacturers don't want you to do it is because of the small number of cases in which it can make the phone unstable or open it up to security breaches. After this, It makes them look bad because it's their phone that's crashing or introducing malware to your network.

Phone manufacturers also hate it even more because it can cost them money. And due to that they will not want their users to root their android devices.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Rooting and or Jailbreaking

Advantages of Rooting

  • Rooting allows the phone to run apps that it cannot run otherwise.
  • When you root a phone, you're able to remove unwanted pre-installed apps from it.
  • Rooting lets you move installed applications to an SD card to free up system memory for additional files or apps.
  • It also lets you install certain apps that require root, many of which manage phone resources. Because the Android ROM community develops new releases for Android long after manufacturers stop supporting a device, you can keep getting updates.
  • There are hundreds of custom ROMs that increase a phone's processing speed and change the look and feel.

Disadvantages of Rooting

  • The first thing to know is that Rooting your smartphone can make you hold a rectangular object. This is because if you don't root your device using a very good method or procedure, your device might end up getting bad and you will be frustrated with what has happened.
  • Rooting your device will immediately void your warranty. That is you won't have any contact with the producers and they won't help you if your android device has a problem. Reason why manufacturers don't love their users to root their devices.
  • You might gain access to more apps and features, but that also means that you’ll have to be very selective with what you download on your phone. Because you will freely accessible by hackers and thieves.
  • And the main thing will be the security installed in your device by the manufacturers. You will loose this security. Reason why manufacturers are not okay with their users that root their devices.

Getting now to our main topic that we are here for, we will be showing you the best way to root an android phone without any risks and safely.

But before getting to that, there are tools that were created to easily deal with the rooting of devices. Many have used them and have proven them to be suitable for use. Nevertheless, not all will be compatible for any phone. Each android device will not have the same behavior when exposed to any of these tools. So make sure your device can adapt to the tool or software you will download. Some of these tools are;

The best android tools or android software for easy rooting

There are several rooting apps and softwares and below we have a long list of some of these rooting platforms or apps or softwares

  1. iRoot
  2. KingoRoot
  3. dr.fone – Root
  4. SuperSU App
  5. Kingroot App
  6. One Click Root App
  7. Root Master App
  8. vmos root
  9. magisk
  10. z4root
  11. twrp
  12. i root
  13. baidu root
  14. 360 root
  15. root genius
And so for this process, we will advice the use of iRoot or the use of Kingroot app. And in this procedure we will show you how to root your device with the use of iRoot.

The Best Way to Root an Android Phone for Free Using iRoot

iRoot is one of the best root software for Android you might ever see. It’s an easy-to-use solution for rooting your Android phone or tablet in 1 click. Besides, it’s compatible with massive Android phones and tablets produced by Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola, LG, Huawei, Acer, Google, and more.

Before we get to the procedure proper, we will give you some of the reasons why we take iRoot as the first option in our list. And this will be the advantages or pros and the Disadvantages or the cons or using iRoot.


  • Free of charge.
  • Support thousands of Android phones.
  • Has a very high success rate


  • No offer for an unroot option, or to make your device unrooted back if one changes his mind.

The iRoot software has a PC version and an Android app version. Using any of them will still be efficient and easy at just one click.

How to root using iRoot:


  • Tool either for PC or for Android(provided below)
  • Knowledge (provided below)


How to root using iRoot with PC

  • Download and install the iRoot PC Client.
vroot-download 32MB

  • Connect your Smartphone to your computer via USB cable.
  • On your computer’s screen, click “Connect device.“
  • Install the driver of your Smartphone. (Check for manufacturer website)
  • Once your device is detected, click “Root” to begin rooting.
  • Your device will restart after getting rooted.

How to root android phone without PC

Download and install the application and with one click, everything will be done if the application is up to date and is compatible to your android device for rooting.

Download the application using the link below.

iRoot-mt.apk 13.5MB

After Rooting your android device, one will always need to be sure if his or her device is really rooted. So, get the best way to check if android device is rooted below.

How to Check if Android phone is Rooted

The most common and easiest method of checking if your android phone is rooted is using a tool or an application. We will provide to you the application below following the link provided below.

Download Root Checker

After downloading the application, install it.

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And with an easy procedure, you will just enter the application and with a one tap click you will tap and check if your phone is rooted. After a little check, it will inform you whether or not your phone is rooted.

Conclusion on How to Root Android Phone

In Conclusion, this article was provided to you to assist you on how you can easily Root your android device on an android phone using iRoot either with a PC or without a PC. Don't forget to follow us on our telegram channel following the link below and sharing your worries.

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