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How to Withdraw Money From ATM/Bank Card Without PIN and OTP

Forgot your PIN code and don't have an OTP verification method? This is how you can still Easily withdraw money even without OTP and PIN code.
withdraw without otp and pin

 Banking is a subject that has increased in size and is still increasing till date. And the main reason why banks were created were to store cash. And when we say store cash, we say withdraw cash too.

Because once you have stored the cash, when you will need it, you will go back for a withdrawal. Well, Banks have also brought a lot of ways to secure our cash while in our banks and the PIN code and OTP verification method is one of the few ways that our banks have brought up to be able to help us keep our cash safe.

Well, we are humans and as a matter of fact, it can one day happen that due to a lot of sophisticated work and or accumulated fatigue, you can forget your bank's pin code and don't remember it again in any way.

OR you could also be one of the rare people that could misplace their OTP verification method(phone number or email).

Are you in any of these cases or in both of these cases and you want to withdraw money from your Bank card? Well this article will provide you all the details you need and what to do to remove the cash from your bank card.

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How to Withdraw Money With Bank Card Without OTP and PIN Code

It's important to note that withdrawing money without OTP (One Time Password) and PIN (Personal Identification Number) is not secured and violates the personal terms and conditions of most financial institutions. In general, banks require verification of identity before allowing access to funds.

If you have lost or forgotten your PIN and OTP, or in some other extremely rare cases, the procedure to withdraw funds (which is subject to bank regulations) usually requires you to visit your bank for assistance.

In cases where you need to withdraw cash from an ATM or online, you might be able to use one of the following methods if you have lost your OTP and PIN code:

1. Biometric Verification

Some banks have a biometric system that allows customers to withdraw funds without a PIN or OTP. The system might use fingerprint scanning or facial recognition to verify the individual's identity, but the biometric verification process is dependent on the bank's policies and systems.

A Biometric verification is a verification that will involve biological parts(body parts) for verifying of your account and or payment method. Some examples of biometric verifications are;

  • Voice Recognition.
  • Fingerprint Scanning.
  • Facial Recognition.
  • Iris Recognition.
  • Heart-Rate Sensors.

Well, some banks do accept this method of verification and most of them won't require a pin or OTP after this verification.

2. Cardless Transactions

Certain banking apps, such as the Bank of America, allow cash withdrawal without a card by locating a nearby ATM, selecting the amount to withdraw, and then getting a unique code that must be entered at the ATM machine to get your cash.

However, you may require to provide some verification and identification methods to use this service. But at times this verification might just be your presence and or your signature depending on the bank.

3. Contacting the Customer Service Representative

If you need to withdraw money but don't have OTP or PIN, you can consider contacting the customer service representative of your bank. In certain cases, the bank might provide temporary codes that allow you to withdraw funds without OTP and PIN.

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Final thoughts on How to Withdraw Money with Bank Card Without OTP and PIN and Password

To ensure the safety and security of your funds, it’s better to contact your bank's customer service team to help you with withdrawing cash without OTP and PIN. Keep in mind that it’s important to safeguard access to your banking details and PIN for security reasons.

Some Frequently Asked Questions on how to withdraw money with bank card without OTP and PIN details

Is it possible to Withdraw money without PIN and OTP?

No! We apologize for the method above we have provided, but this method has just a 1% chance of happening since most banks usually deny withdrawal without PIN or OTP. But you might still contact your Bank's customer service since they will have a solution to your problem.

This solution might be that your account details will be resetted after verification that the account is actually yours; They could also provide a verification number(which is also considered as OTP) that will help you withdraw your cash

Why is it not possible to withdraw without OTP and PIN?

The OTP and the PIN are the most basic form of security that banks use. They will either use OTP or two-step verification, with a PIN added to it.

The PIN is to remind the bank of which account it is truly, and the OTP is to make sure the bank is been accessed truly by the real owner of the account. And so, OTP and PIN codes are very necessary in bank payments.

Can I withdraw from a Different Bank's ATM?

YES! You can withdraw from another bank's ATM but this is always accompanied by very high fees. And so, it is better to withdraw from your bank's ATM because they won't have any fees rather than another bank's ATM that will come with very high fees(up to 5% fees for some banks).

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