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Some Cool Things You Had no Idea your AirPods Could Do

Apple's Airpods have revolutionized the music industry. Now with the latest Airpod 3rd Generation, you will enjoy more advanced features.
things airpods can do

Many of us go to the market, or to the shop and get an Apple AirPods and use it for long. Some people have even bought not just one apple AirPods but up to 3, 4, 5 or even more. But up till date, they have never exploited their Airpods to the fullest.

With their approachable design and simple operation, Apple's Airpods have revolutionized the music industry. Fans of the Airpods 2 are now welcome to upgrade to the Airpods 3, which have a ton of new features that make them far better than the original.

The welcome video omits some of the hidden functions that come with every new Apple product.

Apple's headphones are capable of far more than just playing music and taking calls, whether it's simple message advice or details about the durability of the pods themselves. Following that, here are 10 Amazing Things Your Apple AirPods Can Do.

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Amazing features of the AirPod we knew nothing about

What are apple AirPods

The Apple Inc.-created AirPods are wireless Bluetooth earbuds. On September 7, 2016, they were originally introduced along with the iPhone 7. They rose to the top spot among Apple accessories in just two years.

Although the 2nd Generation is still available on Apple's website, the most recent model, AirPods (3rd Generation), replaces the 1st and 2nd Generation devices. Alongside the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max, these devices are Apple's entry-level wireless earbuds.

The AirPods play audio in addition to having a built-in microphone that cancels out background noise, accelerometers, and optical sensors that can detect taps and pinches (for example, double-tap or pinch to pause audio), and ear placement that enables automatic pausing of audio when they are removed.

The second-generation AirPods, which come with the H1 processor, more conversation time, and hands-free "Hey Siri" functionality, were made available by Apple on March 20, 2019. The options now include a wireless charging case that is an additional charge.

The third-generation AirPods, which Apple unveiled on October 26, 2021, have a new exterior design with shorter stems similar to AirPods Pro, spatial audio, IPX4 water resistance, a longer battery life, and MagSafe charging support.

Cool Things AirPods 3rd Generation Can Do

Turn on spatial audio for a surround sound effect

You can benefit from spatial audio if you own the third-generation AirPods, AirPods Pro, or AirPods Max over-ear headphones. When watching TV, listening to music, or taking part in FaceTime sessions, this technology produces a 360-degree surround sound illusion.

Make sure your AirPods are Bluetooth-connected to your iPhone or iPad in order to turn on spatial awareness or to verify that it is turned on. Select your AirPods by tapping Settings > Bluetooth after that. Click the I button, then choose Spatial Audio.

Change the name of your AirPods

There is no specific app for setting up and personalizing your AirPods. You must instead access your Bluetooth settings to make this change.

Go to Settings > Bluetooth on your iPhone or iPad while your AirPods are paired. Then click the I button next to the name of your AirPods. Next, hit the Name field and type the name you desire. The remaining iCloud-connected devices will sync with the new name.

Bass hits an all-time high.

Music with a more intimate feel. Automatic EQ tuning adjusts music to your hearing needs. The rich details in every song are delivered to you, personalized for you in real time, thanks to inward-facing microphones that pick up what you're hearing and modify low- and mid-range frequencies.

You can enjoy every tone, from the crisp, clean highs to the deep, rich bass, thanks to an Apple-designed dynamic driver and bespoke amplifier that deliver music in an extraordinarily detailed sound quality.

Mute the breeze.

Most of our earphones or the previous Airpods where usually very noisy especially when in contact with serious air or breeze. While on your Bike, you won't be able to make a call completely without parking.

No with this amazing features, you will be able to keep your call active breeze or no breeze since it has been designed to withstand the breeze.

An inset microphone in each earbud reduces wind noise while you're on a call thanks to a specific acoustic mesh covering, ensuring that your voice is always audible and clear.

FaceTime HD voice quality

FaceTime users can now connect in clear HD quality with the new AAC-ELD speech codec. Additionally, Group FaceTime chats sound more realistic than ever thanks to the support for spatial audio.

From ear to ear in style. AirPods have a shorter stem and curved design that focus music into your ears while maintaining a chic appearance.

With great control, pinch.

You have even more control over your entertainment thanks to the force sensor. Pressing will enable you to answer and stop calls as well as play, pause, and skip through tracks.

You can now easily control what your airpod can do whether to start a song or stop it; whether to stop a call or not; whether to pause a video, audio, or not. The ball is now in your cot

Water Resistance

A new and amazing feature where you can still use your airpods when under rain, or when over sweating. The new airpods are now Water Resistant and won't have any problems even after being in contact with water or sweat.

Since the MagSafe Charging Case and AirPods are both IPX4 sweat and water resistant, they can survive anything from intense workouts to light rain.

Long Lasting Battery

Although I've never had an AirPod battery drain in a single day, if you're a heavy caller, you might experience this. A single AirPod can function as a Bluetooth headset by itself. Keep the other charging in the case, then switch as necessary. The other bud easily takes over.

A case packed with vitality. Use a MagSafe charger to wirelessly and easily recharge the MagSafe Charging Case. The case can provide up to 30 hours of listening time when fully loaded. Additionally, 5 minutes of charging in the case gives the AirPods about an hour of listening time.

And so, the Airpod 3 can now last for up to 6 hours of listening time with one charge. And up to 30 hours of total listening time with the case.

Check remaining battery using your iPhone or apple watch

There are a few ways you can find out how much power your AirPods and charging case have left.

To check your phone's battery level, you can either pop open the charging case that is sitting next to it ($160 at Amazon; it also works with the iPad and iPod Touch).

Alternatively, you can follow the instructions in this post to add the battery widget to the Today panel of Notification Center. Remember that the AirPods will only appear in the Battery widget if you are using them.

Here's a fantastic tip for Apple Watch owners: In order to access the battery option in Control Center, open it and place your open AirPods case next to your watch. You can see battery statistics for your AirPods, the case, and your watch in addition to those for your watch.

An instant connection.

To pair with every device in your iCloud account, place AirPods close to your iPhone or iPad and tap Connect. You won't need to switch devices if you're listening to music on your Mac and getting a call on your iPhone.

things airpods can do

The AirPods also have excellent detection skills. Audio only plays while you're wearing AirPods because an improved skin-detect sensor can distinguish between your ear and other surfaces; whether they're in your pocket or on a table, audio pauses.

You can pair them with non-Apple products, too

Take note of the tiny, flush button on the charging case's back. You'll use that to connect AirPods to an Android handset or anything else that is incompatible with Apple's in-house chips.

Put the AirPods in their case, open the lid, and press and hold the little button on the back of the charging case until the tiny LED light begins to pulse white. This will begin pairing to anything new. Any Bluetooth pairing options on an Android phone, PC, or TV should then display them.

Remember that they lose some of their enchantment when used with non-Apple products. Playback controls and the ability to pause music are both disabled when you remove an AirPods from your ear. This app may be downloaded by Android users to monitor the battery life of their AirPods.

Simply choose "AirPods" once more in your iPhone's Bluetooth settings, and they will pair once more with your device.

Always available Siri

Use your voice to play music, make calls, receive directions, or check your schedule. To activate your preferred personal assistant and remain on top of daily duties, simply say "Hey Siri."

An old feature we saw in the formal 2nd generation still remains which is the Hey Siri function. And you can access anything on your phone after saying Hey Siri. But Siri has been advanced again.

You can now make Notifications Public. You can reply to messages using only your voice while using Siri to read crucial messages or alerts as they come in. You will now quickly reply all your contacts or your incoming messages.

Improved Find My

You're going to lose your AirPods eventually. The wireless earphones are simple to lose because of how straightforward they are to use. Follow this advice on how to locate your lost AirPods or the AirPods charging case if you ever find yourself in a position where you have misplaced your AirPods or just can't find it.

Now you can go with your AirPods anywhere with you. Even if it is lost, you can still get to it after linking it to the find my device option.

Make use of the Find My app to find your AirPods. With proximity view, you can see how close they are, receive separation notifications if they leave your Bluetooth range, or even make them make a sound so you can find them.

Audio Sharing

No need for a long process now to send or share a new song to someone. You can easily share a song or TV show between any two pairs of AirPods with ease.

To instantly connect, just place your AirPods next to the iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV you're using to listen to music. After connecting, it will just send it. But this can be done only between two same AirPods of the same generation (3rd generation).

Final Thoughts on some amazing things AirPods can Do

The Apple Inc.-created AirPods are wireless Bluetooth earbuds. They rose to the top spot among Apple accessories in just two years.

Although the 2nd Generation is still available on Apple's website, the most recent model, AirPods (3rd Generation), replaces the 1st and 2nd Generation devices.

Alongside the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max, these devices are Apple's entry-level wireless earbuds.

And if you are a user of the Airpods 2nd generation then you are now welcome to the third generation with more amazing and special features. In this article, we spoke of some of the few things that are available on the 3rd generation Airpods.

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